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Based upon Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero, DEADPOOL tells the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson.

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  1. A love for which is worth killing.

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  2. This Valentine’s Day, witness 50 Shades of Slay.

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  3. This Valentine’s Day, fall in love with .

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    Introducing the greatest love story ever told.

  5. Ben should just say, “This rose is for Lauren” – then realize he messed up and give it to Miss Philippines.

  6. See, moments like these are why every woman should keep a roll of quarters in her purse.

  7. Trust your intuition, girls. It’s gotten you this far. And by this far we mean flossing some dude you just met on TV.

  8. Hello, Huey. We meet again… 🌹

  9. . should legally change his name to “Terrific".

  10. My dream girl would exit the limo like Bo, but dress like Daisy.

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    If I were on The Bachelor, I'd step out of that limo wearing nothing but white socks and like, 312 candy necklaces. 🌹

  12. When it comes down to it, aren’t we all chicken enthusiasts? 🌹

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    ’s juicy new TV spot is made with 2% real roses. Catch tonight.🌹

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