Squadron Supreme #7 Review: Clash of the Nighthawks!!

Squadron Supreme #7 Review

Last month’s issue of Squadron Supreme largely focused on the new(ish) Doctor Spectrum.  This month in Squadron Supreme #7, the spotlight is shared more evenly.

  • Written by: James Robinson
  • Art by: Paolo Villanelli and Leonard Kirk
  • Cover by: Alex Garner


When you open up with wall-to-wall action like Squadron Supreme did, you eventually have to take a step back and do some character work. Two issues in and I think that’s what this “Through the Lens” arc is going to be about.

Having spent most of issue 6 building up to the meeting between Doctor Spectrum and Black Bolt, issue 7 jumps right back into the confrontation. Doctor Spectrum is still trying to come to grips with the loss of her homeworld and the fact that Black Bolt saved her from that destruction. When she offhandedly mentions that her team killed Namor, Toro, his old Invaders teammate, takes umbrage and attacks. All of that would be fine if they weren’t standing in the secret bunker headquarters of The Myriad, a group of aliens from all races bent on world destruction.

The first act ends with Doctor Spectrum, Toro and Black Bolt in battle with The Myriad. No resolution there…yet.

Then we jump back to everyone’s favorite character mashup, Trucker Hyperion. I really don’t know what Marvel’s plan is with this arc. Sure, Hyperion is out there discovering an America he never made, but is this really the best way to utilize the Squadron’s “super” guy? I will admit that I found his flirtatious interplay with the truck stop waitress amusing. Tattooed Sally could become Hyperion’s Lois Lane now that Power Princess is out of the picture. Or maybe he’ll pick up a super-powered chimp and continue his roll across America. We’ll see.

The final act of this month’s issue is the confrontation between Squadron Supreme Nighthawk and Defenders Nighthawk. It quickly becomes apparent that Defenders Nighthawk is WAY out of his depth when dealing with Squadron Supreme Nighthawk. Remember, Squadron Supreme Nighthawk was previously Supreme Power Nighthawk and he doesn’t fool around, a fact that Defenders Nighthawk figured out as he was thrown out of a skyscraper window.

The last page tease shows the Squadron kneeling before Medusa next month. I’m curious to see how this plays out.

Overall, I’m really enjoying Squadron Supreme.  After opening with such a violent salvo, the creative team is doing the right thing by going with smaller, character-driven stories. I’d like to see some more work done with the Blur and Thundra, but that’s a minor gripe.

Squadron Supreme is on the right track creatively and continues to be an enjoyable read.