Countdown to WandaVision: Vision’s Costume Explained


WandaVision is coming up fast this Friday, January 15th, and we’re hanging on the edge of our seats. One of the most exciting things we’re looking forward to is how Vision will actually be in his classic costume at some point in the show based on the trailers. While this will only be a literal costume for Halloween, it’s still exhilarating to see the iconic colors come to life in live-action.

Of course, Paul Bettany’s Vision looked completely different in the previous films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which prompts the question of what exactly does he look like in the comics, anyway?


The Halloween costume is actually the most accurate one, but perhaps what’s more popular is Vision’s “white” look from the source material (and it suits the essence of his name, too). Interestingly enough, in 1989’s West Coast Avengers #42, he did get the all-new white version of his costume—but it’s not just to upgrade his looks. When a network of international spies wrongly assumed that Vision would take over the world given his immense powers, the agencies kidnapped him and had him completely disassembled. This horrific state of disarray was how the West Coast Avengers found him after they tracked him down. Believing that the Vision they once knew was now dead, they feared they were too late—the damage had been done.


Now, because one of the most brilliant minds in the world wasn’t just there for show, Hank Pym was able to salvage what he could and put Vision back together. Unfortunately, despite getting him back online, the new Vision had now become a ghost of himself, aptly adjusting to his moniker. Vision technically lost his soul, especially because even after Hank Pym downloaded all the data that was needed for Vision to function, he lost his emotions connected to any of those memories, almost like he had become an empty shell.


Thanks to the rogue agents of the United States government, dismantling Vision also dismantled his “humanity”, stripping him of any emotion and—literally—any color.


We all know how Thanos did something horribly similar to Vision in Avengers: Infinity War, when he plucked out the Mind Stone from Vision’s head, rendering him a lifeless and colorless form. The Mad Titan may not have known it at the time, but could it be possible that we might see Vision resurrected as an emotionless artificial being soon, much like in the comics? This will no doubt be devastating for Wanda, which might just be the catalyst for her warping reality (or destroying all existence as we know it) in retaliation. In the comics, Wanda’s personal traumas led to her removing all mutants from existence, because she is just that powerful—is it possible we might see something similar in the show too?


Whatever the case, we only have a few more days until all of our burning questions are answered, so here’s hoping we’ve still got enough patience to power through the hours until the show premieres this Friday!