Wonder Woman Lunchbox Banned at School

Comic artwork for Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Lunchbox Banned?!?!

Schools have been known to have some rather intensive rules on what is and isn’t acceptable, but banning a Wonder Woman lunchbox? Madness! Apparently, a school sent a girl home with this letter explaining that her lunchbox is no longer welcome!

Schools bans Wonder Woman Lunchbox.
We find offense at your Wonder Woman Lunchbox!

A friend of the family then posted this on Reddit to see how the community reacted. Many posted that Wonder Woman was originally created to be different than other superheroes of the time and her preferred method of resolving conflict was through wisdom, love, and compassion. Now, to the school’s credit, all superheroes are banned for ‘using violence to solve problems’ so there is a bit of consistency there but do you think the school has gone too far by banning lunchboxes?

Famous Wonder Woman Lunchbox
Super violent Wonder Woman Lunchbox.

We here at SuperheroStuff.com used to carry this very same lunchbox and we never thought it would be such a problem. Who knew such an innocent image could cause such a firestorm!

What do you think of this Wonder Woman lunchbox drama? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Wonder woman should be considered an inspiration not discrimination. Wonder woman does so much more than fighting she teaches kids to face your problems,not to be afraid.She teaches kids to stand up for what is right and stand up for yourself.Wonder woman is a great role model for kids. There shouldn’t be a problem with a simple lunch box.

  2. Is the school going to ban all public safety presentations because sometimes they have to resort to “violence” to protect the innocent.

  3. Well, by that criteria “using violence to solve problems” This school would have to remove the images of George Washington, J Edgar Hoover, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Teddy Roosevelt, etc. from their history books as well. Every American president in history has used violence to solve their problems.

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