Captain Mister Rogers by SuperheroStuff


Won’t you be my neighbor? Come down to a magical world where Mr. Rogers meets…Captain America? Hey, this is what happens when we (SuperheroStuff) make our own commercials, alright? This is what we came up with and this is what we are running with! This was also a great way to kill time while Comcast fixed our internet. Hooray!

Above, you can watch our seamless blending of both Mr. Rogers and the Winter Soldier. You know you want that super sweet cardigan, don’t you? It’ll keep you warm and friendly around the holidays and doesn’t necessarily require copious amounts of Eggnog! Well, it might…but that’s up to you. Oh, and what’s that? They also have a Hero Box…that thing comes in a bunch of different flavors and features your favorite characters. You want a gift box filled with all things Batman? What about Captain America? We have what you need over at SuperheroStuff. Click here to check out our awesome HeroBox options!

Hopefully you enjoy our little presentation! Next time we’ll have puppets and a train. I promise. If any of these goodies strike your fancy, mosey on over to SuperheroStuff and take a gander. We have so much stuff…it is rather staggering. As you can tell…we love what we do and we think you guys love this stuff too!

Mr Roger's trainset
Trains next time. YEAH!