Check ’em out! They’re sizable, ceramic, DC superhero mugs adorned with your favorite DC Comics indicia! Do you like DC Comics? Do you like DC comics enough to purchase hard goods adorned with symbology reflecting the striking, representational agents of DC Comics? Do you only date “Knights,” or enjoy hearty guffaws with your “puddin’?” If you answered “yes x 4” to that particular succession of questions, we have you covered.

It’s the Batman Only Date Knights Mug!

Check out Our Brand New DC Superhero Mugs!
The Batman Only Date Knights Mug. CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE DETAILS!

Look, your dating requirements are very specific; you only date tormented, growling, bat-themed vigilantes. We’re not holding your almost fetishistic predilection against you. Nope, not at all. In fact, we’re here to enable it, hence the completely purchasable mug floating directly above this very cheeky description. Remember: The Source is a judgement-free safe zone where dating superheroes is venerated, never frowned upon.

It’s the Batman Symbol Evolution Mug!

Check out Our Brand New DC Superhero Mugs!
Batman Symbol Evolution Mug! CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE DETAILS!

So, this particular mug features every Batman symbol variation slathered across Batman’s padded sternum or stenciled across the door of an inordinate number of task-specific Bat-vehicles. Yes, like mankind losing flipper flesh between his fingers, Batman lost some of his old-timey logos and symbols in order to change with, or gracefully influence, the sleeker aesthetics of the times. He’s Batman, and his rigidity in belief structures does not extend to his experiments in modern branding.

It’s the Superman Symbol Evolution Mug!

Check out Our Brand New DC Superhero Mugs!
It’s the Superman Symbol Evolution Mug! CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE DETAILS!

Yes, like mankind discovering fire, perfecting the wheel, and eventually parting with Sudoku, Superman’s chest-residing symbol went through many evolutionary stages of trial, error, and temporary success. His first symbol, believe it or not, was a hard-boiled egg. Apparently, they had those on Krypton and they represented boundless compassion. Thankfully, and with an appropriate amount of appreciation for its alien connotation, Lois set him straight.

It’s the Harley Quinn Not Saying Mug!

It's the Harley Quinn Not Saying Mug!
It’s the Harley Quinn Not Saying Mug! CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE DETAILS!

We know you’re not Harley, so stop trying to convince us; your argument is consistently solid and we agree wholeheartedly. Yes, you do happen to enjoy layering your entire body in a powdery paint, and yes, you do go out at all hours carrying a ridiculously large mallet. And yes, when you get home at about 4am, the mallet looks quite bloody and carries a wreath of human scalps, but….OKAY! I CAN’T LIE TO MYSELF ANYMORE! I KNOW WHO YOU ARE! PUT A LITTLE EFFORT INTO YOUR DECEPTION, PLEASE!! Oh, rent’s due, and it’s your week to do the dishes.

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