Check out the Joker & Harley My Puddin’ Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt!

Check out the Joker & Harley My Puddin' Women's V-Neck T-Shirt!

Because she will do ANYTHING for her PUDDIN’! And when I say (type) “anything”, I mean, literally and seriously, “anything.” Will she skin a boar and wrap its flesh around a popsicle stick and eat it? At the behest of the Joker and to ensure his undying love, yes. Yes she will. Will she drive a milk truck into a homeless shelter and set fire to the first…uh..transient holding a Styrofoam cup of beef-noodle soup? Yes, yes she will. And yes, I know this sounds unbelievably cruel, but she’s taking lives and shooting up daycare centers in an effort to express HER UNDYING LOVE! Honestly, this Joker & Harley My Puddin’ Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt expresses these feelings just as effectively as all the bloodletting and bedlam, but…..yeah. Anyway, here’s the damn t-shirt!

Joker & Harley My Puddin' Women's V-Neck T-Shirt
She’ll do anything! ANY! THING!


Made from 100% cotton, this light pink, V-neck t-shirt features Harley Quinn and Joker looking very much like their Batman: The Animated Series iterations, sharing a love expressed mostly by Harley, and moderately tolerated by the Joker.  Yes, she loves him, blindly, truly, and psychotically. And yes, he kind of/sort of loves her, too. Sure, he’ll use her as a human shield, protecting him from Deadshot’s hail of 15,000 bullets, and sure, he’ll throw her out a window to lose Batman in a car chase through the narrow channels of Gotham’s red-brick alleyways, but…he loves her. Sort of. Kind of. Enough to keep her around, I suppose. I mean, she bakes a mean chocolate chip cookie, so there’s always that.