Check out the Civil War Cap and Iron Man Dorbz Figures!


Yes, they look cute as hell, but take them out of their packaging, mention a rampant, renegade Winter Soldier Dorbz and the unappreciated but necessary Sokovia Accords, and you might be taken aback by their immediate, unnatural ferocity. These lovable, limbless, 4″-high vinyl figures will defy your temperate logic when they suddenly grow acid-dipping fangs and start mauling each other like 2 weaponized, cybernetic rabbits injected with 76 liters of ground-up Skittles and liquefied roof shingles! Anyway, check out these Civil War Cap and Iron Man Dorbz figures who will NOT commit violent acts against other Dorbz when relieved of their packaging!

It’s the Captain America Civil War Dorbz Figure!

It measures 4″ high and resembles a certain, super-powered sentinel of liberty in his particular, movie-specific, much improved upon Civil War costume! Is this ridiculously cute, plastic-molded caricature of Captain America correct in refusing the somewhat necessary Sokovia Accords??  I’m sorry, but a bunch of superhero Dorbz protecting Dorbz who can’t protect themselves is a non-issue. I mean…they’re Dorbz. Watching one take a crap is cuter than a dress-wearing unicorn with a cockney English accent.Captain America Civil War Dorbz Figure

It’s the Captain America Civil War Iron Man Dorbz Figure!

Measuring 4″ high, this ridiculously precious, plastic-molded caricature of Iron Man is ready to drag that unreasonable Captain America Dorbz kicking and screaming all the way back to…whatever super-prison is currently receiving the most tax dollars. Yep, Cap’s not happy about the Accords and he’s still convinced Bucky’s not to blame for the “latest” detonation of an embassy on foreign soil. Sure, Winter Soldier Dorbz might be innocent this time, but the last 12, remotely detonated ice cream trucks are on him!!!!
Check out the Civil War Cap and Iron Man Dorbz Figures!

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