Win My Comics! This Week: Indie Assortment Part Two!


Yes, it’s your chance to win an AWESOME, very well kept, fastidiously bagged and boarded assortment of indie comic books from my OWN PERSONAL COLLECTION! Why?? Why am I just giving them away??? Because…I need to make room for more comics. So, let’s get on with yet another installment of Win My Comics!

And yes, the rules are the same: simply tell me why – in the comments section below – you deserve my comics! Be ridiculous, be desperate, be silly and overly emotional. Heck, you can even be honest. Whatever your angle, just remember; if your reasoning is incontestably logical, or hilariously humorous, you might just find yourself with a batch of free, bagged and boarded, very well cared for comic books!

So, what’s the Indie Comic Assortment (Part Two)?

Well, it’s an assortment of indie comics. Which indie comics? Okay, fine; here’s the list:

Savior (Image)- Issues 1-8 COMPLETE SERIES
Written by Todd McFarlane with Art by by Clayton Crain.
What’s it about? There’s an especially ’emo’ immortal milling about who showed up during a massive plane crash. No, he wasn’t on the plane and he really can’t remember anything at all. Hmmmm.

The Red Wing (Image)- Issues 1-4 COMPLETE SERIES
Written by Jonathan Hickman with Art by Nick Pitarra
What’s it about? The future battles the past in order to guarantee a future. Or something.

MPH (Image)- Issues 1-4
Written by Mark Millar with Art by Duncan Fegredo
What’s it about? Bunch of crazy kids some across a drug that induces super-speed. They do a lot of shopping.

Critical Millennium (Archaia)- Issue #4
Written by Andrew E.C. Gaska with Art by Daniel Dassault
What’s it about? A young, rich fellow attempts to kick-start a more aggressive space program.

The Surface (Image)- Issue #1
Written by Ales Kot with Art by Jordie Bellaire
What’s it about? I can barely remember this, but it has to do with a technological mecca called…The Surface.

GIJoe: Snake Eyes, Agent of Cobra (IDW)- Issue #’s 1 and 2.
Written by Mike Costa with Art by Paolo Villanelli
What’s it about? So, Snake Eyes just rescued Destro from future, maximum security imprisonment. WHAT??

Pretty Deadly (Image)- Issue #1
Written by Kelly Sue Deconnick with Art by Emma Rios
What’s it about? Uh…female bounty hunter in ‘Old West’ landscape adorned in crow-like plumage. Yeeeeup.

Steed and Mrs. Peel (BOOM!)- Issue #1
Written by Grant Morrison with Art by Ian Gibson
What’s it about? It’s based on the 1960s TV series! It’s written by Grant Morrison! Enjoy!


  1. Because I don’t know what to say anymore. I’ll simply cry in desperation at the darkest corner of the room…

  2. I want to win your comics so I can give them to my best friend. He for me into superheroes and comics when we were little. While, I have been a DC fan, he has been an indie guy. He recently had a baby, and I would love to give this to him so he has more stuff to inspire his son’s imagination with. Thank you.

  3. I’ve been sent back in time to save humanity. These books are the key to Earth’s survival. If I don’t get these specific books from this specific giveaway, all is lost. Do you want that on your conscience?

    • There’s already a lot on my conscience, seeing as I ate a third chocolate doughnut this morning. Not sure if I have any more conscience to spare, Ryan. 😉

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