Cult Movie: Turbo Kid Trailer


This may have flown under your radar as it’s been out for a couple of months, but just in case you haven’t seen it (which I just saw it last night), here is the trailer for Turbo Kid!

What is Turbo Kid? Well, just check out the trailer! For all intents and purposes it combines all of your favorite violence, over-stylized colors, gore, BMX, fired buzzsaw blades, and insane plot points of 1980s movies. You’ll get all of that from the trailer of course…oh, and how could I forget? MICHAEL IRONSIDE! I’m still waiting for that Total Recall spin-off staring his character. It is the movie you didn’t know you wanted to see!

According to Turbo Kid‘s almighty Wikipage, “The story takes place in an alternate 1997, in a world where water is a rarity and the surface is littered with trash, nicknamed the “Wasteland”, which is ruled by a sadistic and tyrannical overlord named Zeus. The Kid, a teenage boy who lives in an underground bunker and whose parents were murdered by Zeus, is a comic book fan especially of Turbo Rider, a superhero with an ancient turbocharged device and armor. Later, he meets a mysterious, free-spirited young girl named Apple, whom he develops a crush on. While riding around on his BMX bike, he runs into the same powered suit and device, and decides to put it on. With the encouragement of Apple, he decides to go against Zeus, and his entire army.”