Deadpool’s ‘Totally on Top of This’ in New International Trailer!


Yes, it’s Deadpool trailer number…uh…well, I’m not really sure at this point; I’ll break out the Deadpool-head abacus after writing this article. In the meantime, yes; it’s Deadpool trailer number….whatever…from another mystical, foreign land featuring at LEAST .00000035 seconds of brand new footage. Yup.

What’s this brand new, previously unseen footage? Well, it’s Deadpool hanging from a car currently dangling over a bridge. Within said dangling car resides Deadpool’s lady love, Vanessa Carlysle, who isn’t confident in Deadpool’s assertion that he is, in fact, “Totally on top of this.” Nope.

Will Deadpool save himself and Vanessa before the car totally teeters into the…uh…tree-riddled tar pit below?? And at what height are they currently suspended? If they fall, will it be several miles before plunging into icy, bottomless, unforgiving seas? Or, are they hanging about 10 feet above a rolling, crackling little stream, close enough for Deadpool to gaze at his reflection and utter soft reassurances to his mercurial little ego. Knowing Deadpool, I would bet on the latter.

Deapool debuts February 12th, 2016, starring Deadpool, Vanessa Carlyle, Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Ajax, Weasel, Blind Al, Angel Dust, 36 badgers, an unopened Castle Grayskull Playset, a copy of Darkman on BluRay and a 1993 New Mutants calendar. Yup.