Disney Considered Age of Ultron a Failure!

Age of Ultron Avengers

Age of Ultron a Miserable Failure?!

Yes, you read that right. According to sources at BleedingCool, Disney considered Age of Ultron a failure! Sure, it made around 1.5 billion dollars but industry critics believed that it could surpass Titanic and Avatar numbers. Disney expected more from the film, more box office gross, better critic reviews, just generally better everything. Essentially, people went and saw it once and didn’t come back!

Age of Ultron
This is kinda how I pictured working at Marvel Studios

With all of the recent news and shake-ups at Marvel Studios, one gets the picture of a rather tumultuous work atmosphere and the conflict between Kevin Feige and Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter. Apparently, the two had quite a bit of conflict when it came to Age of Ultron. Hopefully all of these changes mean nothing but good for the titanic company-franchise of Marvel!

What were your thoughts on Age of Ultron? Was it the best it could have been? Would you be excited for a director’s cut?

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  1. Yeah I was disappointed by it- too many expectations and then they crammed too much in there. I would love a directors cut of Whedons original version rather than a Studio interfered flick, but I heard it won’t happen!:(

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