First Infinity War Rehearsal Image Reveals…THANOS!

First Infinity War Rehearsal Image Reveals...THANOS!

Well, okay, it’s Thanos, but not what you might consider the “finished product.” Technically, it’s actor Josh Brolin in motion-capture gear as he inhabits the role of Marvel Comics’ most effective slayer of galaxies, Thanos, the Mad Titan. OBSERVE!

First Infinity War Rehearsal Image Reveals...THANOS!
Yep, just sit there. Now…keep sitting.
First Infinity War Rehearsal Image Reveals...THANOS!
I will probably decimate the galaxy, and your eardrums.

Now, we’re pretty sure it’s Brolin. It hasn’t been confirmed, but we’re pretty sure that’s who it is.

So, where does the image come from? That would be the Russo Brothers’ Facebook page. Yep, even though Avengers: Infinity War isn’t entering production until November, the gosh darn Russo Brothers are fueling the hype-train with the above rehearsal image featuring someone (presumably Josh Brolin) as pre-Thanos doing what Thanos does best: sitting, and strategizing the end of all existence to appease his lover, Death. Eeeeyep.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4th, 2018, and stars a considerable collection of your favorite, cinematic Marvel Heroes who have the bloody misfortune of dealing with someone accruing the most powerful artifacts in the universe and applying them to the subjugation and decimation of all living things.

It also features two, disparate Avengers teams who need to stop acting like j-holes and come the hell together before Earth resembles an orbiting canker sore.