Kindergarten Cop 2 Trailer


Who is your daddy and what does he do? Ah, sorry about that…I so rarely get to start off a story with a quote from Kindergarten Cop. This must by my lucky day! Unfortunately, that might be where the luck runs out. Above is a new trailer for Kindergarten Cop 2. Yeah, I’m just as surprised as you are! I’ll break your heart now though…Arnold Schwarzenegger is not in this movie. I guess he’s too busy with those smart-phone games, eh? Joking aside, at least Kindergarten Cop 2 is going right to DVD on May 17th, 2016 and stars Dolph Lundgren. He has study chemical engineering and has an IQ over 160 if you believe that one commercial. Hopefully we get some cameos from the original cast of Kindergarten Cop.


  1. There is so much commentary about this movie that has yet to be released. It doesn’t matter that Arnold is not in it. If it was, then he would have thought to be in it before since most are looking for him in this one. I think that Dolph Lundgren is a nice touch to this movie. He and Arnold share tough guy personas and both are foreigners. This is a welcome addition for Dolph working with kids. Thanks to Universal and director Don Michael Paul for releasing this sequel to a classic film.

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