Low-Budget Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer is AMAZING


Sure, we’ve seen our share of low-budget, fan-made trailers and hastily cobbled together homages…but none like this. Matthew Potter and the gang put together a fan-made Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer (above) with an extremely limited budget, but with an attention to detail displayed by only the most seasoned, sought after movie directors. Sure, there’s an awful lot of cardboard-crafted sets, miniature spacecraft on sticks, and copious amounts of tinfoil, but note for note, scene for scene, this is a perfect reproduction of the Star Wars Force: Awakens trailer.

Honestly, this trailer both tickled and amazed me. Yes, seeing X-Wings and TIE Fighters posted on the end of thin sticks, locked in dogfights over a kiddie pool nearly forced an accidental pee-spray, but the camera angles and lighting are perfectly translated from  the source material. As I watched this through a veil of laughter-induced tears, I was equally astonished by how accurately Matthew Potter and friends translated the Force Awakens trailer. It was astonishing to say the least.

After the 10th viewing (because the humor it induces hasn’t dissipated), I started asking questions:

1. How many rolls of tinfoil did it take to make Kylo Ren’s costume?
2. How many rolls of tinfoil did it take for the whole production? And was plastic-wrap a viable, cheaper option?
2. How many pieces of cardboard were used on the average set-piece?
3. Did they buy straws in cases of 26,000 straws?
4. Could the actress playing Rey take time to shave before shooting the sequel ??

Anyway, seriously…CHECK THIS OUT!