Could There Be a New Stormtrooper Debuting in Episode VIII?

First Order Trooper
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So, before we get going into this article, this is a just a reminder that potential spoilers for Episode VIII could be included. While it’s just a rumor at this point in time, we ask that you continue reading at your own risk.

So what was your favorite part of The Force Awakens? Was it the Millennium Falcon chase scene on Jakku? How about Rey’s Force-vision? From BB-8’s comedic relief, to Kylo Ren’s anger management issues, there was a lot to love coming from a lot of new faces. However, there was only one true new hero from Episode VII:

Could There Be a New Stormtrooper Debuting In Episode VIII?
Remember ME??
Could There Be a New Stormtrooper Debuting In Episode VIII?
We come in many shapes and sizes!

That’s right; FN-2199… known throughout the internet as TR-8R. His time in TFA was brief; he screamed “TRAITOR” before going mano-a-mano against Finn. His crowd control Force-baton was holding its own against the man who left The First Order until Han Solo blasted a hole right through FN-2199’s armor. (What’s with Solo shooting first?) It was a brief collection of scenes, but one that left an indelible mark on the movie.

So how does Rian Johnson and Episode VIII one-up a badass Stormtrooper? By introducing another.

The Force Awakens gave us First Order-modified Stormtroopers and the silver fox, Captain Phasma. Rogue One is upping the ante by offering Death Troopers and Scarif Troopers. According to MakingStarWars, Episode VIII will bring in newer incarnations of familiar Trooper ranks, including all new Imperial Guards (the red guys with the long helmets), and a brand-new trooper rank called.. The Executioner.

Could There Be a New Stormtrooper Debuting In Episode VIII?
I haven’t hit a single target all day!

So what sets The Executioner apart from other Stormtroopers? Well, his armor has a sweet black stripe running down one side; he’s like an intergalactic Braveheart. However, it’s his weapon that will make him unique from his compatriots. The report states that “The Executioner’s weapon is not unlike FN-2199’s at the handle but it has three spinning blades on the end…”

Yep… a multi-bladed trooper sword. Apparently, The Executioner Trooper will get his chance to take down Finn, but this time there will be no Solo to save the day. Let’s hope Finn learned some new moves from Poe Dameron, or else he’s in for an old fashioned beatdown.

Now, if this character does appear in the film, it will be interesting to see how he is used. Could this be the mysterious villain Benicio Del Toro is playing in the movie? Who knows. All that matters is that Rian Johnson could one-up J.J. Abrams in a Trooper vs. Finn showdown. Let’s just hope the character doesn’t surpass Captain Phasma who was severely underutilized in The Force Awakens. The Executioner should be an extension of her leadership, and not someone who is going to upstage her like FN-2199.

Could There Be a New Stormtrooper Debuting In Episode VIII?
You thought I was dead? Think again!

The best possible situation for The Executioner: he is a recently promoted FN-2199!

Now, I know you’re thinking, “But Han literally blew a hole right through him!” Well, someone as badass as FN-2199 doesn’t go down like a punk. I choose to believe he crawled back to a ship, escaped, spent time recovering in a bacta tank and came out of his ordeal better and angrier than ever. If we can all agree that Boba Fett survived his descent into the sarlacc pit, then we should all be on the same page in regards to FN-2199 fleeing Takodana.

We are still 13-months away from Episode VIII and details regarding the movie remain under wraps. As time ticks by, more and more tidbits will start to emerge. But right now, the movie remains a mystery. I mean, we still don’t know what the full title will be. Thankfully, I have a suggestion: Episode VIII: Rise of the Executioner Trooper. Disney, that one’s on the house.