RUMOR-SPOILERS: Death in Captain America Civil War

Death in Captain America

Well there has certainly been a ton of speculation if there was going to be death in Captain America Civil War. There already has been a precedence – within the context of the comics, there is most assuredly a major death that crosses over to the world of bizarre ‘who-dun-it’ kinda thing. There have been whisperings that Marvel has already shot multiple endings to throw people off the case. One features the Falcon, Anthony Mackie, being killed. The other has Scarlet Witch while the last one has Steve Rogers himself, Captain America, dying! What, you mean Don Cheadle all busted up in a field isn’t going to be the one who dies? That seems like a trailer-based red herring!

Sources close to Geek.Com have stated that the death in Captain America will in fact follow the comic book story in which Captain America is the one who dies! Essentially, Captain America turns himself in to end the Civil War which results in him being shot by Crossbones…and then by a brainwashed Sharon Carter! Oh, and the Red Skull was somehow involved…or something. Sources then go on to say that Captain America will stay dead during the course of the first Infinity War to give Spider-Man and Winter Soldier time to develop and then he will return during the second part of Infinity War. What do you think of this? Should Steve Rogers be the death in Captain America? Probably should stock up on the Captain America stuff while you can!