WW84: 3 Things They Did Right (and 3 They Did Wrong)


Wonder Woman 1984 is a mixed bag of both good and bad. Given that there’s been a huge lack of anything superhero-related in 2020, it’s understandable that the film would be so divisive (the fact that there’s nothing else to compare it to is also a huge factor). Whether you’re a fan of what Patty Jenkins did to the film or not, it’s still worth a watch—and here are just a handful of things that went wrong and went right (spoilers ahead!).


Right: Themyscira


As always, the scenes from Paradise Island are just top-notch. It’s extremely exhilarating to see the Amazons’ battle prowess and skill even if it’s just an obstacle course and not an actual fight. Young Diana herself is an absolute joy to watch, and it’s really cool seeing how well she can handle herself even at such a young age.


Wrong: Wonder Woman’s powers


It’s bad enough that we got all that meaningless bracelet-clanging in the first film—now, we also have to suffer through Wondy lasso-ing lightning and magically waving her hands to make something invisible. It’s simply an outrage, and I just don’t understand the thought process that went into making that decision.


Right: Wonder Woman at the mall


Given that our favorite Themysciran Princess should be naturally bright and colorful, the whole scene at the mall is a delightful experience. The primary colors of the ‘80s-themed mall complement Wondy’s own colors perfectly, magnified by Diana’s playful smirk and overall can-do attitude.

Wrong: Wonder Woman’s ideals


I get that she still did the selfless thing by letting go of Steve Trevor in the end, but I still can’t get over the fact that in order to get him back, some poor engineer guy had to give up his life and his soul just to accommodate a Chris Pine-looking guy into his body—and Diana was totally okay with that. It just makes no sense, and is completely not in line with Diana’s character. She’s too obsessed with getting Steve back that she completely glossed over that horrendous fact—plus, she was even willing to let Bialya ruin itself just so she could have her boyfriend by her side (oh, and don’t get me started on Maxwell Lord, because everything about him was just wrong, wrong, wrong).


Right: That sweet, sweet cameo


It’s not much, but Lynda Carter’s brief appearance in the film is a welcome surprise. While it doesn’t really mean anything to the plot and to the continuity, it’s still pretty cool to see her breathtaking form materialize, even if it’s just a small tribute to the former Wonder Woman.

Wrong: Wonder Woman’s golden armor


Nothing about Wondy’s golden armor in the film alluded to its significance from the comics if not for the fact that they just look alike. There also wasn’t much use for it in the film except to serve as Cheetah’s scratching post, so it’s a huge shame that it wasn’t given the importance it deserves.


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