First Official Trailer for Luke Cage Released! He’s Just Getting Started.


“Take my advice, brother. You should be out there helping people, like them other fellas downtown.” That’s the advice imparted by Luke Cage’s trusted pal, Pop, played by actor Frankie Faison. It was advice given by Cage’s murdered wife, Reva; advice that Pop tends to agree with. In this first official trailer for Luke Cage, recently released at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Luke Cage heeds the wisdom of his dependable friend and departed cuddle-buddy. Yep, Luke agrees that helping people is kind of a growing trend, and ultimately, collectively beneficial. LOOK UP! PRESS PLAY! ENJOY!

First Official Trailer for Luke Cage Released! He's Just Getting Started.
Always call the gas company before you start digging!

Luke arms himself with a forcefully removed car door and enters into a building teeming with well-armed roustabouts. Utilizing said car door, Luke cage bulldozes through swarms of thugs, ramming them through walls, shoveling them into additional thug-swarms, and wrapping one particular thug with said door in an effort to entrap and permanently paralyze.

Having sacrificed the car door, Cage punches through drywall to procure himself a lead pipe. Cage doles severe, head-mashing punishment to the remaining thugs, chalking up tens of thousands in medical bills covered by…uh….henchman insurance? No, there is no such thing.

Cage reaches his target, Cornell Stokes, aka Cotton Mouth. And no, this won’t be the first time Cage bull-charges an established, drug-producing safe haven for the criminal class in New York. Nope, he’s just getting started.

Luke Cage debuts September 30th on Netflix and stars Mike Colter (Luke Cage), Alfre Woodard (Mariah Dillard) Frankie Faison (Pop), Simone Missick (Misty Knight), Theo Rossi (Alvarez), Erik LaRay Harvey (Diamondback), Frank Whaley (Detective Scarfe), and Mahershala Ali (Cornell Stokes).