Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Episode 15 Review: “The Honorable Ones”

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Episode 15 Review – ‘The Honorable Ones’

Check out Our Review [WITH SPOILERS] of Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Episode 15: “The Honorable Ones.”

A Lasat and a loyal Imperial Officer get stranded on a uninhabited frozen moon. Do they kill each other, or work together to survive? Just another week for Star Wars Rebels. Once again, they turned out a spectacular episode; they did this by delving deeper into the persona of the Empire’s own Agent Kallus.

It's Agent Kallus!
It’s Agent Kallus!

“The Honorable Ones” begins with The Ghost investigating an Empire mystery project being built on Geonosis. You might remember that planet as the massive droid manufacturing base where the first major Clone Wars battle occurred during Star Wars Episode II: Attack of The Clones. This time we find that The Empire has rid the planet of its inhabitants in order to build whatever it is they’re building.

So the question is… could this construction be the early stages of the Death Star?  If you remember from Episode II, there were giant floating ball-shaped spaceships ascending from the planet’s surface. Could the next evolution of those ships be The Death Star? It’s certainly possible.

Back to Rebels, where The Ghost seemed to enter an abandoned Empire base, only to find…(cue Admiral Ackbar) IT’S A TRAP!!! Zeb, Ezra and Kanan get trapped by Agent Kallus and his legion of Stormtroopers. They are facing a seemingly impossible situation when, out of the blue, someone (actually, some-THING) comes to the rescue. IT’S CHOPPER!

Yep, it’s Chopper, which means…we get a droid fight. That’s right.


My personal favorite part of this episode was seeing Chopper go one-on-one with a black and silver astromech droid. Sure, the fight was short. Sure, it was pointless to the rest of the story. Sure, the outcome was predictable (Chopper wins). But any time you can combine Star Wars and Battlebots… I am in.

So the droid fight ends and The Ghost escapes. Well, except for Zeb. Getting stranded, he makes his way into an escape pod. However, he’s chased by Kallus. The battle between the two sends the escape pod tumbling into a Hoth-like moon of Geonosis. Just the two of them, Zeb and Kallus realize they need to work together to not only escape the cold, but also the weird arctic “triceratops” creatures trying to kill them.

Team-up with Agent Kallus!
Team-up with Agent Kallus!

Now, I don’t need to talk about their escape; everyone knows they’re going to make it out.  Instead we got some much needed character development for Kallus. Once appearing to be an Empire errand boy, we learned much more about him and the code of honor he follows. In fact, we learned he received his weapon from a Lasat he battled because of battling honorably. Also, we learned that although he doesn’t question the Empire’s decisions, Kallus clearly doesn’t agree with all of their methods. By the end of the episode, he looks at his small quarters and is clearly thinking of a life outside The Empire’s control.

“The Honorable Ones” was another solid effort this season for Star Wars Rebels. We got a possible Death Star connection while getting an in-depth look at the struggles faced by those who swore allegiance to The Empire. Will Kallus join the rebellion? Could this episode somehow get the ball rolling on the Rogue One storyline? Will we ever get more droid fights!!!?? I’m sure more answers will come as we get closer to the season two finale.