Time Strikes Back in The Flash Season 3 Promo

Time Strikes Back in 'The Flash' Season 3 Promo
This costume does NOT condone time dismantling!

And its reasoning behind “striking back” is actually quite sound. You see, at the end of The Flash Season 2, Barry Allen decided to go back into the past and save his mother’s life. That, in retrospect, was a terrible idea. You see, time doesn’t appreciate being altered. Not one bit. And any corrective action, no matter how noble, usually brings about unexpected results. Case in point: the creation of alternate realities due to the inconsiderate alteration of a particular timeline, something the Flash is becoming intimately aware of. In the latest The Flash season 3 promo, Barry is lost in one particularly abhorrent reality, and attempts to assess the situation with his good friend Jay Garrick. Look up! Press play! Enjoy!

So, in this particular reality, Cisco is a conniving CEO. Is he helpful? Hurtful? Both?

And we caught a glimpse of a heavily robed individual supplicating himself before some unseen, supplicant-worthy artifact. Who is it? Why, that would be classic Flash rogue, Dr. Alchemy!

Will Barry Allen be able to successfully formulate a way back to his “own” timeline by fixing the hell out of the jagged time-stream broken by, yes, an act of selfishness?? That’s kind of a sizable misstep, Barry.

The Flash returns to the CW on October 4th! Hopefully, the volatile, hemorrhaging multiverse won’t reset existence beforehand.