Star Wars: Battlefront Trailer and Beta Impressions


Do you own a fancy, next generation system? Do you love Star Wars? Do you like competition? Chances are you’ve heard of EA’s next big video game, Star Wars: Battlefront! You may have played the original version way back when but this next installment of glorious, sprawling Star Wars combat is a great blending of all things new and old. You are going to love this Battlefront!

A weekend or so ago, Battlefront was opened up to all players on X-Box and Playstation for a beta/stress test. Smart move on their behalf considering what the pre-orders for this game looks like but that’s for another article. I had a chance to try out this fantastic game and I truly cannot wait for it to be released! While most online-shooters these days suffer from some serious customization bloat, Star Wars: Battlefront does the exact opposite and makes all of the customization straight forward and simple; you have 4 options to change your character and they are options like grenades, sidearms, or items like rocket packs. No worrying about all sorts of ‘perks’ and whatnot that you may be familiar with in other games. Speaking of things you are familiar with, snapping down the scope is pretty much removed from the game; the developers want you to run around shooting from the hip. That’s probably the most jarring transition to this game; I think we’ve all been trained to lay on the shoulder button as soon as we somebody down our lane!

The graphics are also impressive. I played on a PS4 and I have to say…it is one of the most fluid and pretty games to date. There is little if any slowdown and the animations are spot on. I almost feel like the entire ‘polish’ of this game serves as a massive dose of fan service. I didn’t get a chance to truly play it, but with the small amount of time I got to play I was thoroughly impressed. Will I be picking this game up on release day? Oh, hell yes!


  1. Watching this gets me right in the feels. From my early days of playing the tough as nails, Super Star Wars on the SNES, I have always had a soft spot for video games from the Star Wars franchise. Battlefront is exactly what I would expect from the current gen systems. I am relieved to see the level quality and attention to detail given to my beloved past time. Fan boy approved.

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