Star Wars: Knights of The Fallen Empire Trailer


Okay, so the above is a trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion and you gotta admit…that is some really impressive work! Nothing like seeing the Jedi and Sith battle it out, you know?

Star Wars: The Old Republic was created by the efforts of Bioware and EA and fills out history around 10,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. If you ever played any of the Knights of the Old Republic or any other Bioware RPG, you should probably give this game a spin. In its basic form, this game is free to play and just playing a character up to max level offers a diverse and interesting story arc worth the 30 or 40 hours one might sink into it (probably more because…you know…it is an MMO). Bioware recorded thousands of hours of dialogue so it really does play out like a movie where you get to make some basic choices.

Knights of the Fallen Empire is due for release on October 27th and is the largest expansion to date for the MMO game. According to Bioware, improvements include, “ Renewed focus on cinematic storytelling, as well as new worlds, new companions, and a dynamic story that will be affected by the choices players make.”