3 Reasons Why The Amazing Spider-Man (2015) Comic Is AMAZING!


If you’re not reading the latest iteration of Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man, you really should be. Why? Well, I do happen to have a few reasons why you should be reading this particular Spider-Man comic series. In fact, and to stop belaboring the point and to positively cap any unnecessary pontification, I have 3 reasons why The Amazing Spider-Man (2015) comic is AMAZING!


1. Because This Is a Confident Peter Parker.

What? Seriously? Seriously; this is a confident Peter Parker. Peter has taken Parker Industries and made it a globally relevant, socially aware, corporate phenomenon focusing on quality, affordable, paradigm-shifting technology. Parker’s affordable, paradigm-shifting, high-tech contribution to consumer technology? Webware. Webware is like a computer worn on your wrist offering quick, dependable internet connection, unimpeded internet reception, and…Well, I’m just going to let Parker Industries’ CEO explain it. He’s…uh…he’s probably a little more familiar with it than I am. Marginally.

PI Industries Presents: Webware!
PI Industries Presents: Webware!

This is the Peter Parker/Spider-Man we’ve been waiting for; a (still) fun, compassionate, SELF-ASSURED character with the means and resources to finally help a heck of a lot more people, mitigating that always burdensome need to be “responsible” for his fellow man.

2. He Adds Additional, Unnecessary Functions to His Technology for the Sole Purpose of Being Silly.

Yep; that same comedic Parker spirit still exists, and now it finds itself expressed through far more elaborate technology. The greatest example of this additive, unnecessary silliness is the Auto-tune function residing within the Spider-Mobile’s user-friendly Operating System. Firstly, yes, the Spider-Mobile is back. Secondly, if you happen to have a stern, laconic, easily aggravated SHIELD agent who only contributes to conversations regarding mission intelligence, simply turn up the..uh…’jams’…and activate Auto-tune. That cold, boring, completely off-putting spy discourse now becomes a whimsical, gloriously sung, R&B ballad. OBSERVE!

The Spider-Mobile has Auto-tune!
The Spider-Mobile has Auto-tune!

3. Parker Industries Purchased the Baxter Building.

What? WHY!!?? Well, it wasn’t an act of technological appropriation by an unfeeling corporate juggernaut assimilating potential profits from the vacated residence of Marvel’s first family. Nope. I mean, heck; the amazing, other-worldly tech lying around just one of several hundred labs permeating the Baxter Building is probably worth…gagillions. What’s a “gagillion?” That’s like, a lot. I believe it’s the price of two, one-day passes to the Negative Zone. Anyway, yes, Reed is (was?) crazy-brilliant, and I’m sure there are plenty of technological breakthroughs and potential, society-enhancing, AI algorithms inhabiting artificial, biological derivatives just raring to solve the problem of our ever-dwindling resources. BUT…again, that’s not the reasoning behind Peter’s Baxter Building purchase. After tussling with a very upset Human Torch – who fears Peter’s intentions may be less than altruistic – Peter explains the actual impetus behind his decision thusly:

Peter Parker Owns the Baxter Building
Peter Parker Owns the Baxter Building

YES! Way to go, Spider-Man!

Anyone else reading the latest Amazing Spider-Man series? Are you enjoying it as much as I am, or do you think this series, and people like myself who extol its relative brilliance, is/are full of sh*t?

Let me know below!

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