5 Ways to Guarantee a Super Holiday Season!

5 Ways to Guarantee a Super Holiday Season!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we can’t wait to celebrate! If you’re a member of the superhero community, you probably think you have things under control, but overconfidence usually leads to complete and utter ruination. Luckily, we’ve got a few ways to guarantee a super holiday season, regardless of your extraordinary clumsiness, your inability to drink through a straw without passing out, or your dysfunctional super-strength that tends to fade while lifting anything over 27 lbs. ENJOY!

  1. Invite Green Lantern!

    5 Ways to Guarantee a Super Holiday Season!
    Green Lanterns celebrate all Holidays on every speck of mud spinning wildly throughout the cosmos!

Need some life in your Christmas party? Then you need to invite the Green Lantern! He’s got tons of cool stories from space, and he can show you everything in full detail using his ring. Oh, and he can use his ring to make decorating the tree easier. You can count on him to make your super holiday season a little…uh… greener!

  1. Be Wary of Party Crashers!

Be on the lookout for troublemakers looking to spoil things for everyone! They may try to sneak in terrible gifts, or they may be planning world domination; neither one will induce any sort of Holiday cheer.

Be sure to check the gifts for mind-controlling, highly evolved space-worms and make sure your ugly sweater isn’t actually a Skrull in disguise! Also, you should IMMEDIATELY throw away any green, glowing fruitcake. It was probably made from Kryptonite, and we need Superman to remain ever vigilant during the Holidays in case of another full-scale Krampus invasion. And yes, I’m saying the ‘Krampi’ are a domineering alien species existing solely to feed on weaker species permeating the known universe.

  1. Make Sure Your Gifts Are Carefully Considered!

Probably a no-brainer: make sure you give the right gift to the right person! The heroes in our lives do so much for us, so it’s good to make them feel appreciated. Having gift troubles at the last minute? Call up the Flash to help you get that shopping done quickly. As long as it comes from the heart, that’s all that matters. But whatever you do, do not get socks for Bruce Banner. You don’t want to get him angry!

  1. Do Not Get Someone a Tree from Outer Space!

    5 Ways to Guarantee a Super Holiday Season!
    They don’t appreciate being uprooted!

Now, if you have the ability to travel through space, you may be tempted to get a tree from another planet. Here’s the thing: don’t do this! More often than not, things from outer space tend to cause chaos. Even if it looks nice, even if it looks harmless, it’s probably going to try and kill you! Best case scenario? The poor tree dies from our oxygen. Worst case scenario? It causes an outbreak of parasitic alien trees bent or world domination. If you want a super holiday season, leave the space-trees where you find them!

  1. Be Sure to Spend Time with All Your Super Friends and Family!

    Be Sure to Spend Time with All Your Super Friends and Family!
    The presents are for US!

We could certainly list more ridiculous ways to make sure you have a great time this holiday, but at the end of the day there’s only one that really matters: the best way to enjoy the holidays is to spend some quality time with friends and family. Whether you’re opening gifts, eating, or just hanging out, the people you spend it with are the real present. There’s really nothing more super than that.

Happy Holidays!