Marvel’s Black Widow #1 Review

Black Widow #1!

Check out Our Mildly Spoiler-ish Black Widow #1 Review!

Black Widow #1:

Writers:Chris Samnee and Mark Waid
Art: Chris Samnee
Color Art: Matthew Wilson

I normally don’t like comics paced and plotted like Black Widow #1. The whole issue is one long chase sequence with SHIELD chasing down Natasha Romanov. There is no explanation to why, there is no chance to get oriented; there is just Natasha on the run with action piece after action piece. Normally this decompression in storytelling would bug me; I mean the plot really does just progress by millimeters. But when those millimeters are rendered by a masterful visual storyteller like Chris Samnee, this sparsely plotted adventure goes from annoying to Eisner-worthy.

Samnee’s layouts are nothing short of breathtaking. I swear, at times I felt like I was watching a movie. Everything is so well thought out and Samnee just comes up with perspectives and motion beats that I have never seen on a comic page before. Observe!

Excerpt from Black Widow #1!
Excerpt from Black Widow #1!

Waid’s plot and script allow Samnee to just go nuts and the two prove once again why this is the best writer and artist pairing currently in the business.

I don’t know what’s going on in this issue and I don’t know why Natasha is on the run from SHIELD, but I do know that whatever happens, it’s going to look beautiful. On their run on Daredevil, Samnee and Waid made the comic book world take notice and believe in the magic this pair of creators can weave, and I can’t wait to see what they can pull off on Black Widow.