Five of the Most Iconic Pieces of Superhero Gear!


You know the heroes. You know the costumes. And you know the gear. Superhero gear provides tools that help superheroes get the job done. Some superhero gear has become so essential to certain characters that they’re a necessary part of a hero’s identity — they’re instantly recognizable and nothing less than iconic pieces of a superhero’s arsenal.

Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth

Wonder Woman is a hero adept with many different weapons, but she has one that stands above the others. No, it’s not an invisible jet — it’s the Lasso of Truth! This golden rope was forged by the gods and is so strong, not even the mightiest can break it. The lasso isn’t just for tying people up — it actually has a few different uses. It can restore memories, undo mind control, and of course, make someone tell the truth! Wonder Woman has made great use of the lasso as weapon for battle and interrogation! This magical lariat can do it all, and it’s by far Wonder Woman’s most reliable tool.

Spider-Man’s Web Shooters

Spider-Man can do almost everything a spider can — the only thing he can’t do is shoot webs from his body! Luckily, Peter Parker is a science wiz and solved that problem himself by inventing his own web shooters. The web shooters can make artificial webs using Peter’s special web formula, and they can be used for many things, like creating web balls, web parachutes, web nets, and more. They also provide Spidey’s main source of transportation, allowing him to swing around the city. Over the years, Spider-Man’s improved the web shooters to include multiple web cartridges and other features like rapid-fire or “taser webbing.” These babies have seen Spider-Man through thick and thin and things just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Captain America’s Shield

It’s been through World War II, survived being frozen for decades, and is as much a symbol of Captain America as the American flag. Captain America’s shield is his weapon of choice, and it’s not hard to see why. The shield is made of vibranium, so it’s nearly indestructible, and it’s able to absorb massive impacts. Even so, Captain America is almost never without his trusty shield.

The Green Lantern Ring

If you have the will to overcome great fear, you may just become part of the Green Lantern Corps! That’s all well and good, but no Lantern is effective without their special Power Ring. The Lantern ring can do just about anything! It can make you fly, survive the vacuum of space, translate any language, and create anything with your mind. The ring’s constructs are as strong as you want them to be and the only limit is your imagination! This little trinket can also customize the uniform of any Lantern. It’s small but mighty, and just as iconic as the Lantern symbol on the uniform.

Batman’s Batarangs

If there’s one superhero who’s never short on gear, it’s Batman! The guy’s got a whole utility belt of goodies, including smoke pellets, grappling hooks, and sooooo much more. But, Batman’s most iconic tool is the Batarang! These bat-shaped shuriken are always with Batman in any situation. They can stun enemies and are strong enough to knock fire arms out of a criminal’s hands. Over the years, Batman has made special Batarangs for every occasion. For example, there’s homing Batarangs, magnetic, freeze, remote control, and even explosive Batarangs, just to name a few. Whenever Gotham’s in trouble, you can expect Batman to save it with his iconic go-to piece of superhero gear!


Did I miss one? What’s your favorite piece of superhero gear? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. These are all awesome, but who can forget Thor’s Hammer Mjonir, Diana’s Bulletproof Arm Braces, Clark Kent’s Glasses (Superman’s TRUE costume), the ever-evolving Iron Man Armors, or the Mother Boxes of the Fourth World, the Sentient God-Computer Companions of Supertown? (Okay, that last one was a bit niche, but this IS The Source we’re posting on)

    My personal favorite is the ultimate relic of comic book camp, the Flash Ring, housing a full-size costume for whenever Barry needed a quick outfit change, which happened outside waaay too often. Nothing captures the wackiness of the Silver Age like overlooking a little public indecency happening at super-speed. Classy, Scarlet Streak. Very Classy.

    For any J-Society Buffs, there’s also Jay Garrick’s Hermes Helmet, Nabu’s Helm, Hawkwoman and Hawkman’s Mysterious Nth Metal Wings and Mace (Explored in DC’s METAL epic), Sandman’s Gas Mask, and Starman/Stargirl’s Cosmic Staff.

    Let’s keep up with the posting, or I’ll have to use my INFINITY GAUNTLET on your planet!!! (Oh, snap! He went there!)

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