Five Superpowers We’d Love to Have in Real Life

Five Superpowers We'd Love to Have in Real Life

Ever wonder what it’d be like to be “super?” To have abilities and senses that no one else has? Chances are good that we’ve all wanted a set of super-powers at least once or twice in our lives. However, if we were finally granted a choice of five super-powers, which five would we choose? Would they be flashy and ridiculous, or useful, helpful, and inspiring? Before you commit to your preferred superpower-bundle, I suggest perusing this list of five tried, tested and approved superpowers.

1. Stretching

Five Superpowers We'd Love to Have in Real Life

Is something just too high to reach? Did a remote fall behind the couch? Feel like grabbing a snack but don’t want to get up? Well, if you had the ability to stretch your body, you can consider those problems solved. Sure, it’s a power that gives you an excuse to be lazy, but it would definitely be appreciated.

2. Multiplying

Five Superpowers We'd Love to Have in Real Life

Ever wish you were in two places at once? How about three or four (places at once)? Well, if your power was to multiply yourself, multitasking would be child’s play! By making clones of yourself, you could go to the movies and that doctor’s appointment… at the same time!

You’d never be lonely and you could even make a whole sports team of, well, yourself! It may not be your first power of choice, but it definitely gives new meaning to “two (or thirty-five) heads are better than one.”

3. Healing Factor

Five Superpowers We'd Love to Have in Real Life

Got a paper cut? Did you stub your toe, or maybe lose a limb? If you had a healing factor, none of those things would ever be a problem. With this power, injuries would become minor inconveniences. You’d be able to handle tough, dangerous jobs without fear of getting hurt or mortally wounded. No need for a doctor ever again, since you’ll be able to heal from any sickness or injury almost immediately. Sure, it’s not as flashy as super-strength or flying, but it’s definitely a life-saver!

4. Super-Speed

Five Superpowers We'd Love to Have in Real Life

Overslept and running late for work? Do you need to be somewhere, but your car is in the shop? Well, what if you could just run there? If you had super-speed, you could run anywhere, complete any errand, and get a day’s worth of exercise in only a matter of seconds!

With everything moving much slower than you, you’ll have all the time you need to finish all your work and assignments. And, if bad guys come your way, you can handle them before they even know what hit them! There’s even a chance you could accidentally travel through time. Unfortunately, time travel gets confusing so I recommend passing on that particular aspect of super-speed.

5. Telekinesis

Five Superpowers We'd Love to Have in Real Life

Flight usually seems to be everyone’s first choice and I can see why — you would never need a car again and could simply fly over congested traffic. But, my friends, I ask you this: why not move other things — as well as yourself — with your mind!

With telekinesis, you can use your mind to lift just about anything into the air, including yourself! Kite stuck in a tree? No problem — you can levitate it out of there! Something fragile and about to fall? You can catch it with a single thought!

Want to know what it feels like to wield the Force? Well, with this power, you could totally Force-choke a foe or vindictive crossing guard.

Telekinesis combines self-imposed flight with a host of additional abilities. Why settle for a single ability when Telekinesis covers such a broad spectrum of superhuman superpowers? 

Is there one that I missed? Which superpowers would drastically influence the quality of your life?