Flash Rebirth #1 Review

Flash Rebirth #1 Review

Check out Our Review [WITH SPOILERS] for Flash REBIRTH #1!

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Penciler: Carmine Di Giandomenico

For its Rebirth special, DC’s Flash had to please many masters. First, it had to please those that have remained faithful to the New 52 version of the character; it had to service fans that may be jumping on board because of the beloved CW TV series, and it had to serve those returning to the character after the Flash centric Rebirth special.

I’m pleased to say that somehow, the new Flash scribe Joshua Williamson does all those things and more. Williamson has been killing it over on Nailbiter for Image as of late, but in this Rebirth special, the writer turns down the horror and turns up the superhero coolness to create a Flash experience that harkens back to the heyday of Geoff Johns while still managing to be its own thing.

This issue covers a bunch of the same ground as the DC REBIRTH #1, but seeing that embrace between Wally West and Barry Allen will never get old. This special also serves as a “Flash 101” as the basics of Barry Allen are covered before Williamson brings in the mysteries of Rebirth. All the mysteries, smiley face-button included.

There’s not a great deal of new Rebirth ground covered but the book feels important. Recently, Flash has felt like a “going through the motions” title that has been reintroducing many familiar concepts in almost unrecognizable forms while TV has been nailing the classics.

Flash Rebirth feels like a comic that picked up where Geoff Johns left off five years ago, and that’s a very good thing. No new threats are introduced and not a lot of new ground is covered, but the issue still feels like slipping on a comfortably familiar pair of running shoes.

And the issue sure is pretty with frenetic and innovative art by Carmine Di Giandomenico. Even in the book’s more thoughtful and emotional moments, the art is still full speed ahead.

The future of Flash is very bright now that the Flash family has been reunited, and they are all in good hands.