10 Ways to Have a “Super” Thanksgiving

10 Ways to Have a
10 Ways to Have a "Super" Thanksgiving
If he can cut through the fourth wall, he can certainly carve this Turkey.

Thanksgiving is a time for celebration, a day when you can relax, casually dismiss work-related stress, and get together with family and friends. Heck, even superheroes need some time off to rest and reflect, but for them, they need to stick with their morals (even while using their secret identities). So, if you want to enjoy Thanksgiving very much like your favorite, equally thankful super-people, simply refer to these 10 ways to have a super Thanksgiving.

1. Dress Your Best

10 Ways to Have a "Super" Thanksgiving
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Remember, when visiting family, it’s always a positive to look your best. Now, you don’t have to go all Tony Stark and show up in a well-tailored suit. Sometimes, you just need to do something simple. I mean, look how classy Vision looked in his sweater in Civil War? (Did someone say sweaters?) Small things like your wardrobe will go a long way to impressing the Grandparents.

2. Always Bring a Gift

10 Ways to Have a "Super" Thanksgiving
Wait, did someone invite Hulk? Oh… he’s gonna be mad!

If you’re not hosting this year’s festivities, then make sure you arrive with something in hand. It could be a pie, a bottle of wine, or if you’re like Loki, a mind-controlling staff. At least this way, everyone will agree with you around the dinner table.

3. Watch Your Language

10 Ways to Have a "Super" Thanksgiving
W.W.S.R.S. = What Would Steve Rogers Say?

Speaking of the dinner table, remember there are going to be many heated conversations this year. From underdog sports teams winning championships, to a heated political season, there are going to be plenty of topics that could lead to all out brawls. If you end up in one of these confrontations just repeat this mantra: “What Would Cap Say?” I’m sure he’d tell you to keep it civil, and watch your language.

4. Let the Host Cut the Turkey

10 Ways to Have a "Super" Thanksgiving
This turkey looks Fantastic! (See what I did there?)

Your Dad has been waiting all year for this moment. Once that turkey is brought out, he’s going to become as masterful as Wolverine with the knives conveniently strapped to his hands. Just be careful if he decides to bring out the electric knife; exploding turkeys tend to create a mess, and permanently stain ceilings.

5. Cranberry Sauce Is Mandatory!

10 Ways to Have a "Super" Thanksgiving
So, I’m the cranberry sauce of The Justice League?

Regardless if it’s a freshly made family recipe passed down from generations, or that jelly-like blob that never loses its shape no matter how long it’s been out — cranberry sauce is a must! Consider it like the Aquaman of the Thanksgiving Justice League. Sure, not everyone likes it and many make fun of it, but in the end, it’s Aquaman… err… cranberry sauce that brings everything together! It’s the tarty, unsung hero of the entire day.

6. Always Go Back for Seconds

10 Ways to Have a "Super" Thanksgiving
or thirds… or fourths… perhaps fifths!

Like the Warrior’s Three feasting after a long battle defending Asgard… there are no restrictions on glorious, gluttonous consumption. This is the one time when you get to pig out on your Mom’s cooking, so make the most of it. Extra stuffing? Check. A mountain of mashed potatoes? Why not?? This is that one day during the year when you can stuff your face until you pass out and no one will call you out on it. Might as well take advantage!

7. There’s Always Room for Dessert

10 Ways to Have a "Super" Thanksgiving
No Pecan Pie!!! What is this, amateur hour!?!

Whatever your poison is… go with it. The Civil War-inducing argument of Pecan Pie vs. Pumpkin pie has raged on longer than the Nova Corp vs. Kree, and it still shows no sign of letting up. So, perhaps it’s best to live like a Ravager, stuck between both warring parties. Hey, at least that way you get a slice of both. If that seems like too much dessert… may I suggest re-reading step number six!

8. Football Should Be Friendly

10 Ways to Have a "Super" Thanksgiving
Call me Dan-droid Marino!

When you decide to play your family-friendly game of football is up to you (I still don’t know how some do it after dinner!). But remember, you don’t have to go all out! Don’t Hulk out and spear Uncle Fred to stop him from getting that first down. And there’s no need to dab in front of you little cousin after hauling in your second interception. Take it easy and just have fun, unless someone from the other team talks smack. Then, you have every right to go full Juggernaut and let them know who’s boss!

9. Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

10 Ways to Have a "Super" Thanksgiving
Exact scene from my annual family dinner!

Just because there are three NFL games on Thanksgiving Day, doesn’t mean you have to stay for all of them. Thanksgiving is a long day for a lot of people, and by the time the sun goes down, many are ready to call it a night. So, be courteous to those you’re spending Thursday with, or else everyone might just spend the night sitting around the table, too stuffed to even bring up something to talk about.

10. Go to Sleep for 364 Days to Prepare for Next Thanksgiving

10 Ways to Have a "Super" Thanksgiving
I… am… stuffed

Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year, and no other day on the calendar compares. So, if you just happen to eat yourself into an eleven-month hibernation period… no one’s gonna’ blame you.

Hope these tips help you have a “super” Thanksgiving!  And please… don’t forget the cranberry sauce!