All the Marvel NOW “DIVIDED” Teasers So Far (updated)

All the Marvel NOW
Solo and Jessica Jones

So, there’s something big brewing in the Marvel Universe, something that deals with the severe fallout from Civil War II and sets the stage for Marvel’s fall-premiering event, Marvel NOW (Mark III?). Yep, it’s time for another soft, Marvel NOW refresh, meaning new stories, new costumes, and more than likely, new #1 issues. Ugh? Anyway, to prepare us for Marvel’s forthcoming Marvel NOW event, we’ve been receiving weekly teaser images featuring two marvel characters with shattering, formerly connected torsos prefaced by the phrase, “Divided…” Hmmm. I wonder what the Marvel NOW “Divided” teasers are…uh…teasing? Well, let’s take a look at what Marvel sent us so far, including the latest one that just shuttled itself into my inbox about .00075 seconds ago.

So, each double-sided image rendered by artist Mike Deodato features a more popular Marvel character along with a lesser-known, costumed denizen of the Marvel Universe. Their connection, currently, is unknown to me, but I can offer a few sparse details regarding the data we’ve already received. So, from left to right, top to bottom…

1. Steve Rogers and Mosaic

We’re pretty familiar with the first cat. The second is Morris Sackett, AKA Mosaic; a new Inhuman who inhabits varying bodies in order to survive. He actually has a comic series debuting in October.

2. Ms. Marvel and Riri Williams

It’s the shape-shifting Inhuman Kamala Khan and….who? Riri Williams? Her origin is interspersed within the pages of Invincible Iron Man; a young M.I.T student who successfully created her very own Iron Man armor. Could she be in line to continue the legacy of War Machine?

3. Captain Marvel and Slapstick

It’s Carol Danvers, member of The Ultimates and director of A-Force; she leads our first defense against extraterrestrial invaders. Slapstick is basically a living, ridiculously pliable cartoon character thanks to following clowns through a mystical portal that stretched his molecules between 3,741 dimensions. Yep.

4.Thor Odinson and Miles Morales

So, Thor’s back with a nice haircut, a new “costume,” and his trusty axe, Jarnbjorn. It’s Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man.

5. Ms. America and Dr. Doom

Ms. America is a dimension-punching super-person from another reality, and this is a Doctor Doom fresh from the events of Secret Wars; he’s been granted a comely face thanks to the new, benevolent Beyonder, Reed Richards.

6. Black Panther and the Prowler

Black Panther is the Warrior-King of Wakanda, and Prowler, formerly a convict, is now Peter Parker’s head of security.

7. Foolkiller and Nadia Pym

Foolkiller is currently Deadpool’s shrink, and Nadia Pym, Hank Pym’s long lost daughter, is now the new Wasp! Congratulations!

8. Solo and Jessica Jones

Well, we heard rumors that Jessica Jones would be more prevalent in the Marvel Universe post-Civil War II, so here she is, smack-dab in the midst of the latest, forthcoming Marvel crossover event. Underneath is….Solo. He was like a military, commando-fella’ who fell in with the likes of Silver Sable and did… commando-related things. Oh, and he’s currently inhabiting Deadpool’s sister’s brother’s title, Deadpool & The Mercs For Money.

So, what do you think about the new, new, NEW Marvel NOW??