New Marvel NOW Titles Leaked!

New Marvel NOW Titles Leaked! Get Ready for Something Completely Different!

Massive changes are coming to the Marvel Universe this October following the sure-to-be-contested fallout of Civil War II. Yep, there’s a new Marvel NOW initiative coming down the pike, and that means shake-ups, shake-downs, new status quos and new #1 issues. Initially, very little information was discernible from the ambiguous Marvel NOW refresher….until now.  Recently, Previews Magazine leaked online, granting us our very first look at the new Marvel NOW titles set to collectively instigate our fan ire or inspire our fanboy/girl anticipation. Check ’em out!

Let’s break it down-

1. It’s Spider-Man, married and with child in an alternate reality.

New Marvel NOW Titles Leaked!
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2. Venom. Terrifying.

3. The Unstoppable Wasp. She’s Hank Pym’s long lost daughter.

4. Occupy Avengers. Is Hawkeye taking up the fight against corporate imperialism, social inequality, and terrible presidential candidates reflective of a broken political system? Hmmmm….

5. Miles and Spider-Gwen? Awwwww.

6. YES! Richard Rider, Earth’s original Nova, sacrificed himself to guarantee Thanos’ continued entrapment within the Cancerverse. What happened next was anybody’s guess. Thankfully, it seems an explanation is forthcoming.

7. Avengers #1. Prepare yourselves for an Avengers team run by Doctor freaking Doom. “Where the hell is Iron Man,” you ask? Well, there’s a Riri Williams iteration happening soon and Stark is nowhere to be found, unless you’re counting a talkative hologram. Is it Stark mentoring from afar, or is this a modified, evolved AI tasked with showing Riri the ropes and keeping her abreast of the latest stock trends?

So, what do you think about the new Marvel NOW titles? Let us know below!