Review- Legends of Tomorrow Episode 9: “Left Behind”

Review- Legends of Tomorrow Episode 9:

Check out Our Review [WITH SPOILERS] for Legends of Tomorrow Episode 9: “Left Behind.”

What starts out as an extended stay in the 1950s turns into a super-villain mashup as the Legends of Tomorrow take on Ra’s Al Ghul, and learn the identity of Chronos in a very loaded episode.

For those not in the know, Chronos was originally a member of the classic Atom’s rogues gallery. He was a villain that used time and clocks as gimmicks while committing chronal crimes. TV’s Chronos has been a very different sort of bad egg. He’s a fully armored badass that seems to dog the Legends on every leg of the team’s quest to bring down Vandal Savage. Chronos’ identity has remained a mystery until this week as Chronos is revealed to be- nah, I won’t spoil it here but needless to say it was very cool and very impactful to our Legends. This whole time, I thought Chronos was just going to be a faceless obstacle, a voiceless villain meant to keep our Legends from their goal. Oh not so, not so at all. I’ll just say the reveal is satisfying, it makes sense, and it works.

This week, Chronos takes out Rip Hunter’s crew, kidnaps Captain Cold, and leaves Kendra, Ray, and Sara trapped in 50s. There is something very cool about the Atom and Hawkgirl being trapped smack-dab in the early days of the Silver Age of comics, and indeed, Ray and Kendra build a sweet little life for themselves. However, once Rip and company fix their damaged ship, Kendra and Ray rejoin the team, much to Ray’s chagrin. It seems Ray really enjoys his life with Kendra and was going to pop the question until they were rescued. A massive part of this week’s conflict deals with Ray coming to terms with his lost love. It did have an air of tragedy as Ray is was at peace in the past. Now remember, Ray already lost one fiancé and now, he has to say goodbye to a comfortable life where he happily lives as a teacher and enjoys the company of his beautiful Kendra. For her part, Kendra enjoys it too but she is more than willing to leave it all behind once Rip returns.

Review- Legends of Tomorrow Episode 9: "Left Behind"
Let’s stay here FOREVER!

Even more reluctant than Ray, Sara Lance does not want to go home either. But Sara isn’t living in suburban bliss. No, Sara rejoins the League of Assassins and oh yeah, Ra’s Al Ghul makes an appearance this week. Not only Ra’s, we also have the first DC TV appearance of Ra’s Al Ghul’s more well-known daughter Talia! Oh yeah, that Talia! Talia, who spent the last 50 years trying to seduce Bruce Wayne. Talia, who in her film debut in Dark Knight Rises, was the brilliant mind behind Bane’s assault on Gotham City. Yeah, that Talia. Who saw that coming? I mean, she’s only like eight or something and she doesn’t do much, but how awesome is it that we now know that Talia exists in this world?

Talia is there but Ra’s is more willing to kill Rip and company for trespassing in Nada Parbat. When Chronos arrives, we have the smashing together of two plotlines and it’s a blast! Strange bedfellows abound as Ra’s and the Legends take on Chronos with the soul of Sara Lance at stake.

How’s that for loaded? But it never gets overstuffed as this week’s Legends of Tomorrow is a deep dive into DC lore with major character developments and plenty of action.