Review- Squadron Supreme #5

Squadron Supreme #5!

First things first; Squadron Supreme #5 reminds us that this isn’t the Squadron Supreme you remember. If you’re looking for the groundbreaking Mark Gruenwald 1980s series or the J. Michael Straczynski series from the early 2000s, look elsewhere. No, this Squadron Supreme, thrown together by the events of Secret Warsis made up of characters from several destroyed realities. Currently, the team consists of:

  • Hyperion – Earth 13034
  • Nighthawk – Supreme Power
  • Blur – New Universe
  • Power Princess – Squadron Supreme
  • Doctor Spectrum – Great Society

This team, having witnessed the destruction of countless Earths, has banded together to protect the Marvel Universe “by any means necessary.” To prove their seriousness, they (SPOILER ALERT!!!) decapitated Namor in the very first issue.

What do you do to follow that up?

If you’re James Robinson, you zap the team to WeirdWorld to help Thundra take down Doctor Druid, Mordred and the Crystal Warriors from Crystar. The Squadron finds itself powerless, betrayed by one of its own and allied with Skull the Slayer (?) in a battle for the very soul of WeirdWorld.

I’ll give you a minute to process all that. Take your time.

I have to say that, after my initial skepticism, I’m really enjoying the new Squadron Supreme. What looked like another dour and “gritty” series has blossomed into an enjoyable team book. A group of anti-heroes on the run and fighting the fight they believe in just reminds me of the glory days of the X-Men.

Robinson’s willingness to dive deep into some forgotten corners of what remains of the Marvel multiverse promises to never be dull. Of course, given Robinson’s work on Justice Society of America, Superman, The Golden Age and Starman, I think we knew that already.

So, even though this isn’t the Squadron Supreme you remember, it’s still a team you want to get to know.



  1. Very good job reinventing the Squadron Supreme. I love what there doing with Hyperion mostly. The series is very well written and one of the better Marvel team books for sure!

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