Say Goodbye to Captain America


During my morning stroll on our Tumblr – yes we have one of those – I came across this image of Captain Ireland.  

Now intrigued, I decided to search for Captain American re-imagined as, well… anything else. Thus, Captain International was born.

Below contains the best photo compilation that the internet has to offer.


Captain Canuck! ...He would probably be my favourite movie universe Avenger if they added him in! :D My fav comic universe Avenger is still Spiderman though <3:


Captain Mexico:



Captain China Volume 1 cover - Chinese ver. by on @deviantART:


Enjolras=Captain France! That means Pretty-Boy lived through Les Miserables! Somehow, just like Captain America and Sherlock, he beat death. The revolution lives on!:

Not a country, but hey….Anna!

Then, I found this diamond in the rough, which signaled that it was definitely time to step away from the internet for awhile…..

Captain Rainbow: