DC REBIRTH: Scott Snyder Talks About All-Star Batman

DC REBIRTH: Scott Snyder Talks About All-Star Batman

So, you know all about DC REBIRTH and all the new DC titles hitting in June, right? Look, if you don’t, I’m not explaining it again. Yes, it’s basically a softer reboot kicking off with an 80-page one-shot in May, followed by REBIRTH-specific prologues and new #1 issues in June and July. Ok, so that was a brief explanation, but not a full-blown explanation. For that, you’re going to have to travel here because like I said, I’m not explaining it again. Anyway, yes, new titles; one such new title is All-Star Batman, written by Scott Snyder with art provided by a literal “who’s-who” of contemporary comic book super-artists. At WonderCon, shortly after DC announced the creative teams behind its REBIRTH initiative, our friends at Newsarama sat down with Scott who shared his vision for All-Star Batman, and dished glorious creative details about the forthcoming series. So, sit back and enjoy as Scott Snyder talks about All-Star Batman.

Firstly, Snyder was asked if All-Star Batman was the next chapter of his Batman story (having recently finished his AMAZING New 52 run):

“Yeah, I didn’t want to do something that would be repetitive where I felt like, if Greg Capullo was leaving the book, it wouldn’t be right for me to do another Batman #1. And knowing they were thinking about Tom King coming over, I became very vocal about him taking the book because I knew he would do an amazing job. And he’s going to. I think he’s the best up-and-coming writer in comics, and Batman is gonna be great.

But I was like, ‘What does that leave me when I have all these stories I want to do, particularly with all the villains?’ And I started coming up with this idea back in August, where I started thinking, what if I do a series where I invite some of the best artists in the series in to do Batman stories, but in continuity with All-Star Batman for the first time ever, make it a new ongoing series that allows me to work with different artists. So it’s not really the same thing that allowed me to work with one guy the way I did with Greg, but I’m working on every villain with a different artist that’s paired to them, that loves that villain and has a new idea for how to do them. The way we revamped Joker, John Romita, Jr. is revamping Two-Face. And all of that’s in continuity, so when they show up in other books, they’ll look like these character you see in All-Star Batman.”

He was also asked how he arrived at the name All-Star Batman, seeing as how close it is to All-Star Batman & Robin, The Boy Wonder:

“I know! Well, I debated it. But what Tom reminded me is that there’s never been an All-Star Batman, there’s only been All-Star Batman & Robin, The Boy Wonder. When I realized that, I said, ‘You know what? There’s never been an All-Star Batman. All-Star Superman is my favorite Superman story of all time.’ And what “All-Star” means to me is that it was a brand that invited my favorite creators to do books that were special to them. For me, this book is about inviting creators that I admire to do Batman with me. It’s an appropriate title.

I thought about some other ones. I thought about calling it “Shadow of the Bat,” or “The Batman,” but what it really came down to is that All-Star Batman, for me, said what it is. It’s not that I’m an all-star, it’s that I’m inviting the best people in the business outside of Greg, because it doesn’t get any higher than Greg, to come do this with me. And my friends, also – I’ve been dying to do a Batman story with Sean Murphy for years. And when John said he was available, a year ago, he said ‘Let’s do some Batman,’ so how do you turn down John Romita? I’m very excited. I can’t wait.”

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