Squadron Supreme #10 Review: Why Are We Here?

Squadron Supreme #10 Review: Why Are We Here?

Actions have consequences. Since they began their “by any means necessary” mission, the questionable actions of the Squadron Supreme have been piling up, and the consequences are about to come home to roost in the pages of Squadron Supreme #10

  • Writer:  James Robinson
  • Artists:  Leonard Kirk, Alex Garner


The end game is imminent. Squadron Supreme has been building toward a massive battle for several months now. That battle is on the horizon. However, before we get there the team takes an issue for introspection.

That’s okay.

The issue opens with the team on the move as they attempt to take down a German think tank. That would all be fine and good if the Blue Marvel wasn’t expecting them. He takes the team out with a series of tricks and traps designed to negate their specific powers.

The Squadron ultimately turns tail and runs, but not before a seed of doubt is planted regarding their willingness to follow Nighthawk’s agenda. Now, this introspection might be a little late given that this Nighthawk is the one from Supreme Power.

While all of this is going on, Power Princess breaches the Squadron’s base and tells them about Warrior Woman’s plan to revive Namor.

This leads to the team, minus Nighthawk, heading for New York to stop her.

As usual, the issue moves along at a breakneck pace. Robinson’s mix of action and character work is strong. A team built on a quick, violent response could lose its readers when it begins to question its reason for being. That doesn’t happen here. Instead, it adds another layer to this ad hoc team.

Now that sides are drawn and things are about to come to a head, I’m anxious to see how the Squadron Supreme balances their newfound conscience with their need for revenge.  I’m also really looking forward to the inevitable throwdown between Power Princess and Warrior Woman.

Squadron Supreme continues to be an exciting read each month.