Superman #2 Review: Epic and Important!

Superman #2 Review: Epic and Important!

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Writer: Peter Tomasi
Artist: Patrick Gleason
Inker: Mick Gray
Colorist: John Kalisz

Remember when Superman Returns hit theaters and fandom erupted in furious anger over the idea of Superman having a kid? The common thinking of the time was that having a child would fundamentally change Superman and make him a different character. Boy, that’s all changed, huh? Superman #2 is a comic that speaks to the fact that Superman and Super Son is working; it’s really, really working.

Superman #2 Review
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The past three issues of Superman in the Rebirth era have really been more about Jon Kent and his place in the DC Universe. Action Comics seems to be the book to go to for classic Superman action while Superman seems to be more “Superman Family.” That’s all great because Peter Tomasi writes one killer and heartfelt Super Family. His Jon Kent is so sincere without ever descending into pretense; the kid talks like a kid, acts like a kid and is just a blast to experience.

Lois is a rock (in fact, there really needs to be more of her in Superman; she’s kind of getting short thrift) and the idea of a Super-marriage is so strong in this book, you’re left wondering why the heck DC got rid of it in the first place. And this is coming from me, a writer and fan that never was on board with Superman and Lois being married. I am now.

In fact, I’m on board with everything Superman thus far because the Superman presented in these Rebirth books feels like Superman; he’s comforting, heroic, wise, and powerful. Superman being the best he can be rubs off on all the other characters and creates a pure “Superman” reading experience. Superman #2 focuses on Kent helping his dad on some super-rescues. Jon suits up as Superboy for the first time and the costume reveal will make your heart soar. Patrick Gleason should be very proud of that page as should the rest of the art team. It felt epic and important to the DC Universe. It’s been a long time since things felt epic and important to the DC Universe.

The end of the issue reveals a return of a big bad that should make some old school Superman fans very happy as things continue to heat up in Superman, a comic property that three months ago was basically frozen with complete fan exhaustion and disinterest.


  1. Reading this series alongside Jurgens’ current action comics run is giving me the complete Superman experience, and I am wholly satisfied with it. This more down-to-earth side of Clark, the family man, is a facet of the character that I never knew I wanted, yet his relationship with Lois, and especially with his son, is so special to read; highly recommend this book!

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