Vote Loki #1 Review! We Vote…No.

Vote Loki #1 Review!

Check out Our Review [WITH SPOILERS] for Vote Loki #1

Writer: Christopher Hastings
Artist: Langdon Foss
Color Artist: Chris Chuckry

Without getting political, I’ll just say that this Election Year has been much stranger than fiction, so what better time for Loki, the God of Lies, to become involved with the electoral process?

Vote Loki #1 is Marvel’s attempt at well-timed political parody. It’s a comedic deconstruction of political dishonesty featuring the God of Mischief as a character guide through the wacky world of modern politics meant to appeal to fans of performers like Stephen Colbert.

While Vote Loki #1 is capable social and political satire, one has to question; do fans of Loki and Marvel’s Asgardian characters really want these characters featured in this kind of project? I mean, Kieron Gillen and company managed to mix satire with fantasy in the beloved Journey Into Mystery, but Vote Loki seems to be just political satire for satire’s sake. It’s well-handled, but wouldn’t the character best be served in a series that focuses on adventure rather than contemptuous parody?

I mean, Prez over at DC did this whole political satire better last year and was met with fan ennui, so why would fans care more about a book featuring Loki? That’s not to say that the creative team doesn’t put their best foot forward. The satire is funny, the art fits the tone, and we even get introduced to a rather fun supporting character, a reporter named Nisa Contreras. Nisa has a history of suffering because of Loki’s mischief so she’s an effective POV guide to this political adventure. Heck, even Angela pops up as a supporting character so there is a little bit of Asgardian lore for fans to sink their teeth into.

It’s all very well and good, but there just isn’t enough there to justify this book’s existence. Yes, the internet loves Loki and Tom Hiddleston, and this year’s chaotic election is just an easy target, but the book isn’t cheeky enough to be an effective satire and it’s not exciting to appeal to fans of the classical Thor or Loki. It’s ably crafted in places, and like most of the 2016 presidential candidates, there’s just nothing to get behind.