Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition Trailer #2!


Check it out! It’s the Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition Trailer #2, packed with more, never-before-seen footage interspersed with footage you’re seen 4,563 times! Yep, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives to be purchased legally on tangible Blu-ray/DVD disc July 19th (streaming June 28th if you only support the cloud), and it touts a well-deserved R-rating (for lack of sunlight and smiles), and 30-minutes of that previously mentioned, unseen footage!

Firstly, take a look at that second trailer for Batman V Superman’s Ultimate Edition!

Secondly, a very concise, almost reductive examination of said trailer:

1. We’re getting a few more seconds of “Doomsday” posturing.

2. We’re getting more Alfred and Batman interactions:

Batman: “I don’t deserve you, Alfred.”
Alfred: “No, sir, you don’t.”

3. We’re getting more explosions!

4. We’re getting a Steppenwolf-as-hologram sharing the symbolic tale of the Mother Box(es)!

5. We’re getting longer, pre-branding discourse between Batman and Mark Zuckerberg…er, Lex Luthor.

6. Over 2-hours of special features!

7. These new visuals, interspersed with the painfully familiar, are accompanied by music performed by The Who, specifically, “The Seeker.” So…who’s the seeker the song implies?

Superman? Nah, he’s too miserable and unsure of himself, unless he’s seeking answers regarding his role in a world that hates and fears him. Wait…why does that last statement sound so dang familiar (and monotonous)…?

Is it Batman? Seeking validity, revenge, and some sort of healing penance for past transgressions including the allowance of transgressions against those he reared? Maybe.

Is it Wonder Woman? Well, she was “seeking” a stolen “artifact” revealing her surprisingly timeless presence upon this spinning, crusted mortal sphere hovering just below Zeus’ munificent influence. Or something.

So, ready for the Ultimate Edition?

Own Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition on Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack or DVD on July 19 or Own It Early on Digital HD on June 28!