X-Men ’92 #1 Review

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X-Men '92 #1
X-Men ’92 #1

When I heard that Marvel was bringing back the good ol’ animated series X-Men team in X-Men ’92, I was more than a little excited. As any young buck growing up through the late 80’s and early 90’s, this was the X-Team that I grew up knowing and loving. Heck, the intro music from that show is my cell phone ringtone and that’s no lie. Like I said, I was excited. So does X-Men ’92 meet this fan’s expectations?

Like any good 90's tale, we begin our story at the arcade...
Like any good 90’s tale, we begin our story at the arcade…

In short, not quite. More open-mindedly, not yet. More optimistically, yeah, a little. Upon starting my journey back to the 90’s I was immediately welcomed with a cool art style that was both vibrant and fun. Additionally, we start our tale back in the mall by the arcade, an updated throwback to the opening of that first cartoon episode of Saturdays past. We get to hear Jubilee reference Bad Dudes, which I’m pointing out because it is awesome. In case you couldn’t guess, spoiler alert, a Sentinel crashes the party. This is where we deviate from the familiar. After all, this is Battleword!!!

What's a day at the mall without a Sentinel attack?
What’s a day at the mall without a Sentinel attack?

I don’t want to get into specifics, but this is where my excitement began to sputter out. We see our heroes, the ones we love and finally get to see again after all these years, completely and painfully obviously walking into a trap. Not just any trap, but like a this-is-going-to-change-everyone-and-make-them-lame trap. And that is where X-Men ’92 #1 leaves us. Not exactly the return to form I wanted to see this team take, but who knows for sure what’s next? I’m not sure whether to be scared or excited for the next issue, but I’ll be reviewing that, too, right here on The Source! I’ll see you next time for more X-Men ’92, until then, what did you think? Let us know below!


  1. This makes me nervous… I absolutely love X-Men ’92 as it was one of the first tastes I ever had of the X-Men. I am not into this at all. Corporations need to stop doing everything for money. If something isn’t broken why “fix” it?

  2. Hey JoAnna, thanks for weighing in! I couldn’t agree more with your statement in regard to “fixing” things. The ’92 X-Men were what got me into comics to begin with, so they hold a lot of value in my book. Don’t lose hope yet, I’ve stuck with the series and things seem to be looking up, be sure to catch those reviews in the very near future, and thanks again for writing!

  3. the 1st issue was good but not great. seeing how all of us loved 90s xmen and it set the tone for comic geeks alike. they are definitely reaching to give us that old school feel in this book. i have read #2 and its getting better. i have #3 in my hands and will read it soon. I am excited just from the cover art alone. DEADPOOL! but i digress, i will read anything old school xmen related. and so far it has sucked me in, but in a good way. great review. thanks

  4. Thanks for the comment Russ! I also appreciate the attempt to deliver that 90’s feel to us X-fans, and I agree things are getting slightly better. I’m a sucker for this X-Team as well and will be sticking it out to the end. Enjoy that issue #3, it’s a good one!

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