X-Men ’92 #2 Review

X-Men '92 #2
X-Men '92 #2
X-Men ’92 #2

Here I am after reading the next installment of X-Men ’92.  I was not as impressed as I’d hoped after reading the first issue (check that out here), but let’s see what X-Men ’92 #2 has to offer shall we? When last we left the X-Men, they were on the losing end of a seemingly inescapable game of Mouse Trap. You know, metaphorically, that is. We continue to see this play out in issue #2.

This issue seems to be about us witnessing the systematic breakdown of each individual member of the X-Men ’92 team. We see the traits that make each of these characters who they are being stripped away before our very eyes. One thing I will say is that this whole process really does a fantastic job of making you want to see the villain get theirs. Who is this villain? Cassandra Nova, though maybe a slightly different rendition than some of you may remember. After all, this is Battleworld!!!

Cassandra Nova, kind of like Professor X's evil twin.
Cassandra Nova, kind of like Professor X’s evil twin.

So, what do we get besides another round of our heroes getting whupped on physically and mentally? Well, Jubilee, who is quickly scoring some points in my book, is at one point playing the X-Men arcade game and complaining about Dazzler being included in the roster. Gold! Just when I’m starting to wonder what real good could come from any of this, we get a taste of things to come, and it tastes delicious.

It just got real, dawg.
It just got real, dawg.

It looks like the X-Force are on the way to save the day and maybe, just maybe, after that, can we maybe, please, get to see the ’92 X-Men kick some tail? Please? Either way, my excitement for the next issue has returned, and the future looks a little less bleak for X-Men ’92 #3, even if the mullet never went out of style.  Do you like the direction X-Men ’92 #2 took?  Wanna see the X-Force dish out some pain?  Talk about it below, and I’ll see you soon for issue #3!