This Is The Way: What The Future Looks Like After The Mandalorian Finale


Spoilers ahead, so beware!

After that smashing finale from the second season of The Mandalorian, we unfortunately have to wait until December of 2021 to find out what happens next. To be honest, it’s a little worrying to face a world in which Din Djarin is no longer with Grogu a.k.a. Baby Yoda, but we do know that he’s in good hands now, hopefully.


Even though we got a not-so-pleasant glimpse of Luke Skywalker teetering over the edge of the uncanny valley, it’s still hella awesome and nerdgasmic to see him make a grand entrance when our heroes were in a pinch in the finale’s final moments. What tugs at the heartstrings even more, however, isn’t the fact that Luke showed up to save the day, but rather, that Baby Yoda had to part ways with Mando for good, it seems.


While it breaks our hearts to have them go their separate ways, it actually makes a lot of sense—Grogu isn’t going to get anywhere with his Force sensitivity if he keeps traveling with Din. Also, we see the titular character complete his character arc as his journey comes full circle—he encounters the Child, and goes from hating the burdensome task to caring for him and actually becoming a sort of foster father to Baby Yoda. It’s a great way to show character development, and now, with Baby Yoda gone, the show can finally focus on him and his own adventures without the Child.


Interesting enough, we also got lots and lots of opportunities where Din took his helmet off despite this being a sacred law. Regardless of whether this is simply a plot to let Pedro Pascal show off his talented acting chops or a sign that Din has finally let go of his relentless and stubborn ideology as a fanatic cultist (at least, according to Bo-Katan), what’s more important is that he did take off the helmet for the sake of giving Baby Yoda a proper goodbye.


What does this mean for Grogu? We know that Luke’s going to train him, but based on the ReyLo trilogy of films, Luke became a disillusioned hermit who kind of wanted nothing to do with the Force or the Jedi. What could have happened between then and now? It’s entirely possible that Ahsoka may just be the one who can take the little one under her wing, albeit not exactly in accordance with the rules and beliefs of the Jedi order.


Regardless of what happens, one thing’s for sure—fans are definitely not going to rest until we see Din and Grogu reunited again in some way, because if those two full seasons taught us anything, it’s that nobody can resist the charm of one Baby Yoda.

What do YOU think the third season of The Mandalorian has in store for us, and will all the spin-offs have anything to do with The Child going off on separate adventures from our dear Mando? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!