Deadpool Demands You Purchase His Ridiculously Cute FUNKO Likenesses!

Deadpool Vinyl figures!

Hello! It’s me, Ernest Borgnine! You might remember me from my seminal performances in 1964’s McHale’s Navy, 1984’s Escape from New York and the 1980’s CBS series, Airwolf! Yes, I starred in a TON of movies, and even a few episodes of The Love Boat, but those are definitely the highlights. I was a Hollywood heavyweight of the heaviest order! Just look at that mug!

Ernest Borgnine!
Okay, I’ll stop. It’s actually me, Deadpool, and I’m here to show you something that’s much more attractive than myself (but only slightly more attractive than Ernest Borgnine): the Deadpool Thumbs Up Pop Vinyl Bobblehead!!

Deadpool Thumbs Up Pop Vinyl Bobblehead
Deadpool Thumbs Up Pop Vinyl Bobblehead, $12.99

This little fella’ is the PERFECT, cute, compacted composite of yours truly. And like me, he positions his thumb in the ‘up configuration.’ Just what is the ‘up configuration?’ Well, it’s a form of body language that expresses positivity and support without having to vocalize positivity or support. Perfect for when I’m eating miso soup but running out of miso soup. I can keep eating AND confirm with the waiter that I do, in fact, want more miso soup with a simple, reassuring thumbs-up!

And LOOK! It’s the Deadpool Two Swords Pop Vinyl Bobblehead!

Deadpool Two Swords Pop Vinyl Bobblehead,
Deadpool Two Swords Pop Vinyl Bobblehead, $12.99


He’s so ridiculously CUTE! And he has TWO SWORDS! TWO SWORDS! One sword is for poking, the other for stabbing. WAIT! One sword is for slicing, the other for carving! WAIT! One sword is for collecting, the other is for taking out of the box and allowing its value to depreciate AT AN ALARMING RATE!

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