It’s the Deadpool Symbol and Straps Men’s Cardigan!

It's the Deadpool Symbol and Straps Men's Cardigan!

Made from 100% cotton, this soft, button-down cardigan for men (and women who want to borrow it when said men slumber on the couch, slathered in barbecue ribs and doughnut sprinkles) features Deadpool’s ironically iconic icon falsely fastened by faux bandoliers! Say that 756 times without eventually saying, “Deadmule’s ice cream falsely fattened by mauled candelabras!!” Can’t do it, can you!?? Anyway, check out this exceptional piece of fashionable Deadpool outerwear that effectively implies intelligence without forcing you to display quantifiable intelligence. OBSERVE!

Deadpool Symbol and Straps Men's Cardigan
FRONT! Hmmm. You smell…smarter. CLICK! BUY!
It's the Deadpool Symbol and Straps Men's Cardigan!
Even from the back, I can tell you’re a regular brain-user. CLICK! BUY!

Yes, it’s the Deadpool Symbol and Straps Men’s Cardigan, and it’s here to aid you in the following manners in the following aspects of your life:

1. It will keep you warm when you’re uncomfortably cool.

2. It will keep you uncomfortably warm if the outside temperature is already uncomfortably warm.

3. It will tell people – without having to actually voice it – that you’re a Deadpool fan when people ask if you’re a Deadpool fan.

4. It will tell Deadpool fans that you are, in fact, of their ilk and very much a Deadpool fan (this point confirms the unspoken confirmation confirmed in point #3).

5. It you wish to fiddle with buttons, specifically 5 buttons aligned perfectly and vertically, beginning at the sternum and tracing down towards the waist, this Deadpool Cardigan can provide you with the appropriate amount of textured button-wear.

6. If you find your 100% cotton gun is in need of a steady supply of stitched, faux bullets residing in a stitched, faux bandolier, then I ask you to consider EXHIBIT A: the Deadpool Symbol and Straps Men’s Cardigan.

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