Sinking Spring, PA— May 28, 2014—SuperHeroStuff.com , the premier destination for pop culture and comic merchandise has partnered with Tim Seeley, Mike Norton and John Layman to provide quality merchandise for “REVIVAL ®”, “BATTLEPUG”, “CHEW”, “HACK/SLASH”, and “THE ANSWER. The new line consisting of everything from t-shirts to accessories is now available to consumers online at Superherostuff.com . Whether you want a Chew magnet or a Revival t-shirt, Superherostuff.com is the place to go!

“I couldn’t help but go sneak a peek at all the awesome new merchandise when it arrived at our warehouse!” said Micah Dwire, of Superherostuff, “and the opportunity to bring merchandise of this quality to fans is amazing.”

John Layman commented, “I can’t wait to get more CHEW goodies into hands of readers and fans, and I’m super pumped about partnering up with SuperHeroStuff, and about all the cool CHEW goodness we have planned.”

Mike Norton commented, “I’m really excited that this is finally happening. Having Revival and Battlepug merchandise is something that we always meant to get around to but we’re so busy making the comics that we haven’t had time to dedicate to it. Thankfully, SuperHeroStuff has stepped in and I think it’s going to be great!”

SuperHeroStuff has created special pages for each these creator owned licenses to make the merchandise easy to find and make the shopping experience fast and convenient.  Check out all of the new merch at the links below.

About SuperHeroStuff.com

“Since 1999 it has been the mission of SuperHeroStuff.com to offer the best comic book and superhero merchandise to fans everywhere. SuperHeroStuff is now the best store in the multiverse.  With the widest selection of superhero merchandise on the planet new merchandise is constantly being added.  Our selection is huge and it’s not limited to just the most well-known characters; we do our best to get product for superheroes that only comic fans would appreciate.  We are a store built by superhero fans, run by superhero fans and we have a blast doing it.  Check out our site at https://www.superherostuff.com .”