What’s the latest, cutest, safest in-home innovation from Stark Enterprises? Why, it’s the easy to use, thoroughly helpful, decorative and collectible Iron Man Bulb Botz Clock! The Iron Man Bulb Botz Clock measures 7″ high, rendered in the insufferably huggable likeness of Tony Stark’s AI-guided, invulnerable, form-fitting personal defense integument, the Iron Man©®™ armor! OBSERVE!

Check out the Iron Man Bulb Botz Clock!
I survived atmospheric reentry via Chitauri wormhole! CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE DETAILS!

Running on 2 AAA-type batteries, the Iron Man Bulb Botz Clock features an alarm, a substantial numeric display, and Repulsor-powered jets built into those adorable, stubby little legs allowing the clock to launch slowly into the air and maintain a consistent, hovering height of 35 feet. And yes, it also has a very advanced “Selfie-Cam OS” that takes 234 pictures per picosecond. That’s like, a TON of pictures featuring you and your cat sharing a soft pretzel at your very first softball game! Okay, I lied. There are no jets, hovering, or selfies by the picosecond. BUT…pushing down on the clock makes it glow. OBSERVE!

Check out the Iron Man Bulb Botz Clock!
If you push too hard, you’ll damage the Arc Reactor core and disintegrate every cow within a 75,000 mile radius! You and the surrounding infrastructure will remain, but…POOR MOO-MOOS!

To Recap-

The Iron Man Bulb Botz Clock is Stark Enterprises’ (okay, there isn’t a REAL Stark Enterprises, therefore, no, it’s not from Stark Enterprises) latest little in-home amenity that’s perfect for timekeeping, space-filling, and Iron Man worshiping!