Batman Killing Joke Interrogation Clip


The relationship between the Joker and Batman always has been a little complicated. Will they ever kill each other or are they destined to fight it out over all eternity? The above clip is from the latest DC Comics’ Animated adventure, The Killing Joke. Adapted from the famous Alan Moore work that gave off multiple Joker origins, The Killing Joke is one of the classics when it comes to the Clown Prince of Crime. The Batman Killing Joke Interrogation Clip features the Caped Crusader as he goes to give the Joker a stern talking to. Don’t worry – there is no head bashing or anything like that. That’s strictly Heath Ledger territory.

No, the Batman Killing Joke Interrogation Clip has the Joker slowly stacking cards while the Batman attempts to break up with him. Wait, no…that isn’t what is going on! If that was the case, Batman would have had met the Joker at a restaurant or something to avoid making a scene. Actually, you can just watch the Batman Killing Joke Interrogation Clip and figure it out yourself! At least we get to hear the dulcet tones provided by Kevin Conroy, the legendary Batman voice actor.

As per the video’s description, “’All it takes is one bad day.’ But don’t worry, today’s going to be a great day for DC fans. At least if we have anything to do with it. In today’s all new episode of DC All Access, we’re giving you an exclusive clip from the highly anticipated Batman: The Killing Joke animated movie. Plus, we look at our newest Rebirth comic, Justice League: Rebirth, preview the debut issue of The Flintstones, look at the latest chapters of Batman and The Sheriff of Babylon and get a sneak peek at the newest Legion of Collectors Box…before giving you a chance to win it!”