It’s the Do-It-Yourself HULK Make-up Tutorial!


So, I was persuaded (forced) to have my face made-up in the likeness of your favorite, raging, Atomic-age terror, the Incredible Hulk! Born from a general fear of the boundless reaches of science, specifically the utilization of atomic energy, the Hulk was a comic book parable cautioning mankind against poking his stick into the eye of volatile, unknown sciences and their inherent, often dangerous repercussions.

Anyway, yes, the Hulk is a mindless behemoth, the result of a certain scientist’s exposure to certain volatile energies. And yes, this behemoth, this Hulk, is the stuff of science-fiction legend, and certainly a likeness worth emulating in the following, high-speed, do-it-yourself HULK make-up tutorial. Look UP! Press PLAY! Enjoy!

Now, as your personal superhero stylists, we recommend completing the look with these fine pieces of Hulk-centric attire!

It’s the Hulk Sublimated Costume Fitness T-Shirt!

It's the Do-It-Yourself HULK Make-up Tutorial!

92% polyester/ 8% cotton t-shirt featuring a sublimated print reflecting Hulk’s impressive musculature!

Hulk Lightweight Sublimated Costume Zip-Up Hoodie!

It's the Do-It-Yourself HULK Make-up Tutorial!

100% polyester, lightweight zip-up hoodie simulating, yes, the impressive musculature of the Incredible Hulk.

So, paint your face and slap these articles around your usually lumpy torso, and then yell, “(insert your name HERE) SMASH!”

If resembling the Hulk is insufficient, I suggest drinking any kind of liquid pooling on the surface of an abandoned nuclear power plant. Hey, you never know.