New Supergirl and Flash TV T-Shirts Are Here!

Flash and Supergirl TV show t-shirts!

Are you a fan of Supergirl on CBS? How about The Flash on CW? Yes to both? Good, because the two heroes will be crossing universes and bridging the great network divide when they team up on March 28th. YAY! Yep, Flash will be joining Supergirl, and they’ll be fighting…Batman! Okay, just kidding; I’m not really sure who they’ll be facing, but they’re together, and that’s enough. So, to celebrate, I’m here to talk to you about these two brand new Supergirl and Flash TV t-shirts. YES? YES!

Check out the Supergirl TV Symbol Women’s T-Shirt! Made from 100% cotton, it’s a navy blue t-shirt featuring an ‘S-symbol’ colored in a darker red and outlined in yellow. Yes, it simulates the very shirt worn by Supergirl herself! So, slap this puppy on and practice your Krav Maga against Alex Danvers in the red sun-replicating, power-dampening chamber!

Supergirl TV Symbol Women's T-Shirt
Supergirl TV Symbol Women’s T-Shirt! CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE DETAILS!

It’s the Flash TV Symbol Women’s T-Shirt! Made from 100% cotton, this bright red t-shirt features a very large, very yellow Flash symbol; it’s the same Flash symbol adorned by fans of the Flash during Keystone City’s annual Flash Day Celebration!

Flash TV Symbol Women's T-Shirt
Flash TV Symbol Women’s T-Shirt. CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE DETAILS!

And here’s the actual celebration as it occurred on the very first episode of The Flash Season 2, complete with celebration goers donning the above t-shirt! Ugh. STOP COVERING THE T-SHIRT!

It's Flash Day!
It’s Flash Day!